Human Burden

desire is what makes us humans with every desire comes the energy that flow in our vain the desire that move our bodies and heart that makes us move and do what need to be done to reach our desire

but every desire is a pain to every human as we always can’t fulfill this desire the human’s for generations running after there desire and reaching nothing in the end most of the times we believe that our desire will grant us happiness but in the end we find our self failing in fulfilling our desire

but in reality i had this idea yesterday so i needed to share it with the world the idea of creation and why we get these desires such as eating , mating etc,

the point of all of this is to give an understanding to our perfection we as humans believe that we are not perfect but in fact we are close to be perfect the human mind is iconic it’s structure is magnificent the way our heart work is really makes you ask yourself

are we perfect ? but if were created or developed why we are not perfect why we got built 99% and missing this 1% and for generations we are behaving in strange way just to reach these 1%

when you look at women such amazing structure and strong mind programmed to be multi tasker programmed to see the world from another point of view other than the man but when you see it they are perfect but in fact they are not they have to feel horrible pain to give life to another

they have to feel pain for 9 month they have to feel pain every 28 days

when you look to the man he have the same problem the man is strong can lead armies and nations but he have a desire that he can’t stop a desire he can’t satisfies not matter what which is sexual desire

give your man sex and in 5 minutes you will find him want more and more it’s never satisfying a desire that ruins his life and ruins every idea in his mind it’s none stop desire

i believe this imperfect creatures that we are today is a burden that we need to fix that’s why we go to wars we invent and create believing that one day we will be perfect

but don’t get me wrong there are people who used this to there advantage those who promised the humans of a next life and promised to be perfect those who controlled our minds , heart and souls whose who were selling a secret world where everything is perfect

but i say it can be done it can be

the perfect world is upon us full of wonder and amazing thing and about this burden it’s a matter of time we will cure our self and will have the right mind to move forward to a better world