This class has put how structured the media is into perspective. There are so many ways to go about the media an analyze it and I have learned so much when it comes to doing so. Before taking this class, I didn’t realize how biased the news is and how we can get completely different stories from different sources about the same event. It’s crazy to think that the news can create some people’s opinions for them use they don’t realize that they may not always be getting the complete truth of the events happening. Another topic that caught my attention is how TV shows and movies illustrate gender and racial stereotypes. What specifically struck me is the 5 roles/characters that black people tend to play; the magical negro, black best friend, thugs, brash women and domestics. When that was presented, I was surprised that I didn’t notice the roles that black people tend to play before, because now it’s all I notice. It’s not necessarily just racially, but the way women and men are portrayed through gender roles as well.

I definitely use what I learned in this class in my daily life. I am able to recognize different types of ad appeals, the roles that people play on TV, and the way the news works and how to figure it out. I know now how to collect information from different news sources and create my own opinion on certain events going on instead of taking one news source’s word for it. I’m able to stop and think about what is coming to me through media because of the background I have of taking this class. I think that everyone should be educated on the topics that were presented in this class. What I learned is extremely useful information to use in my daily life.

In all honesty, I didn’t like the workload for this class especially because I’m a procrastinator. I do think this is still an important class because you learn a lot about what’s around you and you start to see things I’m a different light. I didn’t find the class boring, it was pretty engaging and fascinating. I do recommend this course because it is very beneficial.

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