A breakdown of Hema Malini’s tweets on suicide

In the wake of Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide, the tweet put out as a response by Hema Malini reflects everything that’s wrong about how mental illness and suicide is perceived in the mainstream consciousness. Neither mental illness nor suicide is an act of cowardice or ‘giving up’ as Hema Malini calls it. As a Member of Parliament, she must know that we need more debates and discussions on what makes people take such drastic steps and how they can be helped. Suicide has nothing to do with not being courageous, hopeful, fearless or whatever we think that causes people to not be ‘productive’.

Post the actress’s death, digital media has gone out of its way to endorse the aforementioned qualities as a solution to prevent suicides. Instead of a more open, accepting conversation on why it happened and how we could’ve helped, the mainstream narrative is concentrating on projecting the image of an all-ideal human being, the qualities of which could have successfully shielded and safeguarded Banerjee from committing the suicide.

What do you make of Hema Malini’s comment and media’s coverage of the entire issue? Tell us in the comments below.

Here’s her full quote: “All these senseless suicides which achieve nothg! Life is God’s gift for us to live not for us to take at will. We have no right to do that. One must learn to overcome all odds & emerge successful,not succumb under pressure & give up easily.The world admires a fighter not a loser. Just becomes food for the hungry media who chew on news like celebrity suicides until the next sensational news happens.Then it is forgotten.”

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