Introducing M.T.J.

Hi everyone and welcome to MTJ (Mind The Journey), we are Eliah and Nhiam, two twenty years old guys who will try to tell their experiences, about their trips and their personal lives, in a simple and truthful way.

Why open this blog?

The idea was born for pure case and fun. In the last few years we realised that there are lot of things to see in this world: cities, landscapes, places. And also a lot of people to meet! And we just can’t afford to stay at home. As long as we’ll have chances and possibilities we will travel, meet new people, visit beautiful places and grow up. And we’re glad to share these experiences with you!

What are the topics?

Mainly about our journeys and personal experiences, in brief… this is our blog and we’ll write about whatever we want, without censure and in a friendly, clearly and respectful way.

We aren’t English, so we’ll try to write in a comprehensive and correct English. Sorry — in advance — for the mistakes guys!

Yeah, but… who are you?

Really a good question, so let’s introduce ourselves:

Hi guys! My name is Eliah, I’m twenty years old and I like travelling, collecting memories by taking some photos and everything that involve creative and imagination. I’m pretty introvert and shy but that doesn’t mean I’m not a social guy!

…And I’m Nhiam, I’m twenty years old too. I like the peace of a good book followed by a giant cup of coffe and, — why not? — even some good music. I also enjoy travelling, despite my fear of experiencing something new, that turns always into something positive and interesting.

Thanks for reading, feel free to give us feedback and advises.

Hope you’ll enjoy the content!

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