Organic Makeup Brands To Add To Your M/U Bag

On an organic mission these days? How far should you go? Sure, your kitchen cupboards and fridge are stacked full of organic veg and your skincare routine has a bunch of organic oils in it, but what about your makeup bag?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t let nature run riot with your makeup routine too.

These organic and natural makeup products should be making their way into your m/u bag pronto.

1. Ilia Beauty

Want dewy skin? You need Ilia Beauty’s Polka Dots and Moonbeams Illuminator ($34.00). It is the easiest way to add shimmer and shine to your cheekbones and beyond. The best thing about it is the texture — unlike other highlighters (that are made with who knows what) — Ilia Beauty’s shimmer stick is made with a unique blend of organic oils. Their products use as much as much of Mother Nature as possible — up to 85 per cent of ingredients in all their products are certified organic. And of course, it’s a totally cruelty free brand too.

Ilia Beauty’s Polka Dots and Moonbeams Illuminator – $34.00
Ilia Beauty’s Polka Dots and Moonbeams Illuminator — $34.00

2. RMS Beauty

As a makeup junkie I’ve been using RMS Living Luminizer for a while, I can’t even say how long. It’s pretty much one of those products that every other celeb or MUA raves about, but I’m also a huge fan of their Lip2Cheek ($36.00) multi-tasker. It adds shine and color and is made with a host of hydrating certified organic ingredients — coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba oil for a dewy finish. They have a really transparent approach to all their ingredients, so if honesty is your thing, you’ll really like RMS.

RMS BEAUTY Lip2Cheek – $36.00
RMS BEAUTY Lip2Cheek — $36.00

3. NAT Origin

It’s amazing how discovering a new mascara never gets old. There’s always that thrill when you realise it stays put, lengthens and adds volume. Hence my obsession with NAT Origin Organic Lengthening Mascara ($20.32), which is formulated with juicy ingredients such as organic artic raspberries (who knew?) red algae, beeswax and shea butter. Lucky lashes.

NAT Origin Organic Lengthening Mascara – $20.32
NAT Origin Organic Lengthening Mascara — $20.32

4. Inika Cosmetics

Organic, natural, mineral, botanical, vegan, Australian — Inika Cosmetics are all of these things and more. One must-try product to add to your regular makeup routine is their Certified Organic Liquid Foundation With Hyaluronic Acid ($49.00) which not only gives great coverage, it also nourishes skin with ingredients such as lavender, green tea and argan oil. What’s not to love?

Inka Cosmetics Certified Organic Liquid Foundation With Hyaluronic Acid – $49.00
Inka Cosmetics Certified Organic Liquid Foundation With Hyaluronic Acid — $49.00

5. NAKED Lips

I love a look-at-me lipstick but I much prefer a tinted lip balm. Hydrating, glossy but not sticky — plus a touch of color? They just make so much sense. Plus they never migrate to your teeth. NAKED Lips specialise in making organic and natural makeup products. Their Rose Quartz Lip Balm ($7.64) has a beautifully silky application and gives lips a subtle but sexy enhancement.

NAKED Lips Rose Quartz Lip Balm – $7.64
NAKED Lips Rose Quartz Lip Balm — $7.64

— Ursula Brunetti

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