How to Introverts Can Use Writing to Deal with an Extroverted World

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The stereotype of the bookish introvert writing a novel is a well known trope in pop culture. But writing can be a vital skill worth developing, and can even help introverts deal with the constant barrage of noise in both their inner and outer world.

The reasons here are threefold:
 -Writing can help you decompress from a day of dealing with people
 -It can help quiet the noise in your mind by getting ideas out of your head and onto paper
 -It can give you a chance to rehearse phrasing and ideas so you can be prepared and feel less stressed in social situations

While any type of writing can allow you to experience these benefits, you might want to tailor your writing experience to obtain a particular outcome.

For example, you might find that the stress of the day melts away while you’re focusing on the details of the fantasy world of your novel, so you lean more towards working on fictional writing after a particularly long day.

If you’re tossing and turning at night, you might get up and jot down any of the restless thoughts that are keeping you awake.

And finally, if you’re heading to a party or have a big presentation coming up, writing everything down can help you feel far more comfortable and ready to impress than relying on your extemporaneous abilities.

Experiment with a few types of writing, read to improve your writing, and hopefully experience fewer “introvert hangovers” than in your non-writing days.

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