Need Something Red to Wear for the Women’s Strike? Check Out These Picks From Women-Owned Brands!

Whether you’re going to be striking on March 8th or want to make a statement at the workplace you can’t take off from, you’ll need something red to join in on the movement!

Below are some great picks that not only show your support for your fellow women with their red hues, but with the purchase itself. Curated from artists, designers, and other women-led efforts, these clothes will make you look and feel good while you stand in solidarity with your working sisters worldwide!

Sarah’s Scribbles Tee

Sarah’s Scribbles Jumpin’ Shirt from Topatoco

If you need something simple and casual to wear on the 8th, you can’t go wrong with this fire-engine red tee from the most relatable comic on the internet: Sarah’s Scribbles. These hilarious webcomics don’t shy away from feminist issues and political statements-but most of them focus on our favorite topic: food.

Sarah Andersen is the Brooklyn-based creator of this design, and if you haven’t checked out her comic you should do so IMMEDIATELY! After you’ve done that, buy the shirt here.

Rue107 Scuba Dress

Miriam Scuba Dress — Lovely from Rue107

If you want to make a fashion statement while you’re making a political statement, this piece from Rue107 is perfect! The cherry red scuba fabric features a whimsical print, short sleeves, and a high neckline so you can stand out from the crowd while you stand up for your rights.

Lead by designer Marie-Jean Baptist, Rue107 is made in New York and features gorgeous designs that suit a wide variety of feminine figures. Plus you can’t beat this brand at representation when it comes to their models, proving that inclusiveness is always a good look! Support this brand and your keen fashion sense by buying the dress here.


Marigold Romper from SAYLOR

This silky romper is perfect for keeping cool if you’re somewhere this winter heatwave is taking its toll. The coral color is a more muted red than some of the other selections, in case you’re not a fan of wearing bright colors, but still want to show your colors.

The brand is spearheaded by designer Jillian Shakten, who creates pieces to become your next favorite outfit. Her modern lines and delicate styling are the type of go-anywhere aesthetic that can take you from brunch to marching on your state capital, while the quality speaks to the brand’s dedication to perfection in design and materials. Stay fierce and feminine by purchasing this romper here.

KattyB Shirt

Daisy Love Tee by KattyB

Back to the casual looks, this tee features a heart filled with daisies on a soft cotton shirt. It’s perfect for when you want something simple with a little twist, that you can incorporate into your outfits well after this week’s activities. After all, who doesn’t love daisies?

This design is from the Society6 store of Kat Blaque, vlogger extraordinaire. She’s an amazing feminist voice on the forefront of today’s complex intersectional issues, who uses humor and style to connect with her audience. Check out her channel here and support her and your sisters (not just your CISters) buy nabbing this shirt here.

Vaute Coat

Bey Superhero Coat in Cherry from Vaute

If it’s still cold where you’ll be on the 8th, this coat is an absolute must-have. Not only does it share a name with Queen Bey (though actually named after the designer’s mother, how lucky is she?), but the blood-red hue comes from completely vegan sources! On top of that, the design is incredibly comfortable and endlessly flattering.

Ecofriendly, vegan, and made in NYC, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart’s brand is all about doing what’s right. She’s dedicated to working with high tech mills to source quality textiles, ensuring no animals are harmed in the making of her clothes, and telling her parents’ story of immigration and perseverance. Buy it here and stay warm while braving the bitter cold of oppression, while rejoicing in the power of community to overcome.

With such a wide range of options, you’ll be sure to be looking stylish while participating in whatever capacity you’re able in this latest event of the new women’s movement. Remember to support your fellow women and workers on Wednesday, and feel confident that you’ll look good while doing it!