The Culling of the Side Projects

a symbolic representation of my life

I’ve always struggled with focus.

It just feels more comfortable to be surrounded by distractions and chaos, spread thin by starting a million things that I sometimes don’t even intend to finish.

My approach is like a cozy room filled with dust-soaked stuffed animals and mite infested pillows when what I need is the stark minimalism of a prison cell.

Metaphorically speaking, of course, although I could also stand to KonMarie my living space.

So in order to clean house mentally, digitally and literally, I’m officially temporarily closing the doors on several piles half-assery that have been sucking away my focus for various amounts of time.

My hope is that isolating myself will force me to focus on my one remaining project, and make it truly worthwhile.

Also so I can focus more on my doomsday prepping. You know, the essentials.

If you’re not familiar with my side projects, this is also a sort of “last chance” to check them out if you’re interested.

Without further ado, here’s where I’m cutting the fat:


I’m putting a posting hold on and They’re still being hosted for free as part of a promotion I got when I made them, so the sites will remain up, but I’m not going to be updating anytime soon.

If you buy a shirt or mug, you’ll still get it, but I’m not posting new comics or running any ad campaigns to try and grow this project for now.

For what it’s worth, the current posted comic should remain relevant indefinitely.

Skin Care

I’d started MAGIC MASK in earnest in June, and I’m still super grateful for the positive response and for those of you who purchased and enjoyed the product!

I’m not planning on discontinuing it entirely, but I do want to sell out of my current inventory and start fresh with a total packaging rebrand early next year (ideally around March, but it’s dependent on a lot of variables. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated!)


I’m looking into manufacturing options to ensure the standard of quality that’s expected from this mask will be maintained.

There’s a lot of moving parts, so until I get everything figured out, I’m pushing pause and closing the site for this venture on December 20th.

Want to stock up before it’s gone? Use the discount code MEGAMAGIC, and stay awesome friends :)

Job Hunting-

This one is going to be the hardest, in part because I can’t actually stop until I have a sustainable job situation.

But what I *will* stop doing is compulsively applying for jobs on Indeed. I used to stay up late mindlessly browsing and hitting “apply with profile” on every job that looked like I’d be even somewhat qualified.

It was less than productive, weirdly stressful, and ultimately disheartening. So I deleted my alerts, the app, and everything else that made it easy to indulge this bad habit.

So there’s the main three distractions. I’m cutting myself off in order to focus more on writing, and more different writing.

Hopefully it yields positive results!

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