Why Is It So Hard To Do What You Want?

you know you *should* but…

Have you ever wondered why you can’t just do what you want? And I’m not even talking about eating ice cream for every meal or starting every conversation with your manifesto against the new world order.

I’m talking about how frustrating it is to constantly not do the things you *really* want. The things you should do. The things you know would actually help you achieve your goals, and get to where you want to be in life.

Those things.

Now, personally, I’m no better. I try to be a self-improvement robot, but I’m really more like a Simone Giertz creation.

I try hard, but I’m constantly knocking shit off tables, throwing snacks all over the floor, and smearing lipstick everywhere. What can I say?

That being said, I have a lot of trial, a lot of error, and at least a couple thoughts on why exactly this concept is so difficult and what to do about it.

So let’s break it down, shall we?

The first reason it’s so hard to do what you want? GUILT.

It can feel weird to shift your priorities to want to improve yourself. It’s normal to feel like there’s more important things you should be focusing on.

But part of changing yourself is owning the decision to do so, and the choices you make to support that decision.

So how, exactly, do you do that? Practice saying “no”.

No to people pleasing.

No to additional side projects.

No to distractions pull at your focus and temptations move you away from your goals.

And DEFINITELY NO to cutting corners on your bunker plans (you’re gonna want those upgrades after a few months down there!)

The second reason it’s so hard to do what you want? Straight up LOGISTICS, yo.

I get it, you’re busy. Work, family, social obligations, driving to 5 different camping supply stores to get enough freeze-dried food for a decade: your calendar’s jam packed.

Time management, as much as I hate the term, is key here. And I’m not talking the whole “use this specific calendar app, a bullet journal, and a handful of precisely-timed notifications to pack even MORE into your days.”

If anything, I’d advise you to look at the previous suggestion first, and see what you can say no to.

Then you should consider what I like to call “flexible formulas”.

These are kind of general plans that allow you to have enough structure to be productive, but enough freedom to change when necessary. You should have a general outline of the things that you need to get done in a day, week, month, etc.

You should try to keep track of these using the most basic methods possible. Personally, I use Google Calendar and a monthly planner that I put stickers in when I get stuff done.

If you want something a little more automated, I’ve recently started experimenting with various configurations on IFTTT and Google Goals.

Try a couple different options, see what works best, stick with that. *OR* keep switching it up, to keep yourself fresh. Just go into with a mindset of “do what works”, be consistent and you can’t lose.

Ok, we’ve covered the easy reasons on why you don’t do what you want. The third one is the most obvious one, but also the one that most of us ignore because it sucks.

Oftentimes, the real reason you don’t do what you want is that YOU DON’T ACTUALLY WANT IT.

This is hard to admit. You might think you want it, but you just want the end result. Or you think you *should* want it because other people do.

I know you hear that “you’re different, you’re unique, you’re special” about a million times a day, but try to take it to heart in a way that doesn’t make you think and act like a complete tool.

By which I mean, accept that no one has *your exact* combination of current situation, skillset, background, knowledge, etc., but that doesn’t make you better or worse than anyone.

It just means that, like everyone else in the world, you need to find what it is in life that you’re willing to dedicate your time and efforts towards for the time you’re here on earth.

Do you, ya’ll.

You’ll be happier for it and the world will be better off, or possibly a Mad Max-esque wasteland.

Only time will tell.