Opinion: I’m not a bigot. I just don’t care about minorities.
Manny Brown

Urgh. I didn’t vote for Trump, but this is the most heavy-handed, alienating nonsense of a ‘satire’ piece I’ve ever seen. ‘Satire’ is not a code-name for ‘straw-man’. Please, for the love of christ, can we try talking to Trump supporters rather than just talking down at them all the time? Maybe this kind of bullshit is the reason so much rage has been directed at the ‘elites’/‘establishment’ over the past election cycle? If 45% of the country are really bigots of the sort you imagine, Obama would never have been elected. The vast majority of Trump voters are real people with real concerns, not cartoon characters, and maybe if we’d tried listening to them once in a while we wouldn’t have lost.

PS. Trump is a lot of terrible things, but ‘lazy’ is just about the last word I’d use to describe him (ok, ‘humble’ is the last, but ‘lazy’ is a close second).

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