In addition to the previous comments pointing out the false assumptions of aggregate-level revenue…
Jared Spears

Jared Spears, this points to one of the biggest issues in media:

The education system is still brainwashing, oops, I mean teaching students how to be a journalist during the last millennium.

As a result, when most of the younger writers arrive at my company, they believe they are all characters in The Newsroom who must save the Fourth Estate from the evils of capitalism. Then I have to explain: “uh, we are a lifestyle publication and we produce a totally valid consumer product that is also completely unrelated to investigative journalism.”

In the old model, publications could force-feed consumer what they thought was best for the consumer because monopolies don’t need to give a sh*t what customers want. That model is dead since we have this little thing called the “Internet.”

How long before most writers digest this historical fact and paradigm change is anyone’s guess…

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