Could shifting energy be the reason for your “doomsday” feelings?

How many times in your life have you felt like there was something wrong and you couldn’t put your finger on it? Not unhappy, or angry or mad per say…just a feeling under the surface tht things aren’t quite right. Like you can’t let the “Happy” totally in but you don’t know why. My husband and I call this feeling “The after christmas blues” or a “Feeling of impending doom.” Everyone has experienced these moments in their lives and it’s often around a holiday, a vacation, birth of a baby or after something exciting has taken place.

In the past, I really did feel like something was looming around the corner (a financial problem, a virus, a fight with my spouse) or that there was nothing to look forward to (Christmas was over, Vacation was ending,etc). I would spend the day in the grips of this negative feeling. Ruminating on the “yuck” became a habit for at least a day around the end of a trip or when putting away the Christmas decorations. Then one day I was experiencing that “feeling” and I started wondering what exactly was “IT” I was thinking about? Nothing had happened, there was no financial issue, no virus and no fight. I mean I had to get present and think “We are just ending our vacation” or “we are just starting a new year” these are not bad things so why do I feel soooooo, yuck??

I have to preface this next part with saying I have always been a little “woo woo”. I loved The Law of Attraction movie, I did the exercises in the book by Pam Grout called E 2 and I manifested exactly what I wanted according to that book. I read books like The Biology of Belief and Your Body Speaks Your Mind. So I am no stranger to the answer that came to me when I realized where the feeling was coming from. It was coming from a change in the energy around me. This feeling of doom, lack of happy, dark cloud feeling was just a shift in the energy of my world. The excitement that we have during the holidays or a trip can’t be sustained indefinitely. We have to return to normal life and responsbility. It is inevitable that we feel a little downshift in energy when life returns to normal.

This realization may seem obvious to some but also may give others a feeling of relief. I no longer focus on what could be around the corner waiting to happen because nothing really ever has in those moments of ruminating. The only thing that happened when I focused on these feelings was to feel WORSE. More doomsy, more blah and yuck. Who wants to create more of that?? So now when putting away decorations or getting ready to come home or when my son finishes another year at school and I see how fast he’s growing I focus on the excitement of “what’s next for me, us, him?” What new opportunity is waiting for me and my family? Life is good and if we learn to go with the flow of the changing energy around is we will spend so much less time worrying, feeling fearful and scared of things that aren’t even real. Give it a whirl. Next time you are stuck in thinking or recognize negative thought patterns and dont have a concrete reason ask yourself if it’s possible that there is just a shift in energy occurring? Get present and pay attention. It may just take a dark mood and move it into some light.

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