Ok so in this year 2016 I’m planning to get the best of it , I think 2015 I procrastinated a lot and waste a lot of time doing senseless things. First of all I want to get fit I’m already attending to the gym I’m planning to keep it up and make it a habit this includes a better diet I think I abused the unhealthy foods. I’m also interested in improving my knowledge in many subjects since I’m a a programmer I want to learn a few new frameworks as well new languages. I also want to become a continuous reader I have a big list of possible books I’m intending to read I’ll later share a list of the books I’ve have read but I would also share an essay of the book but I won’t publish anything related to programming books because I would prefer to have a separated blog I guess (sometimes I changed my mine). Also I want to do other stuff like exploring the US I never been at NY neither SF so I’m excited to visit soon. So far this is it.

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