All experience, under this I, illuminated by the light which we see, carries with it the shadow that can be seen only when we turn away from the light. The shadow follows our every move. We cast the shadows which we ourselves do not wish to see… the shadows we run from in search of the light, only to cast further and further back..

the closer we get to the light, the longer the shadow, until one day we find ourselves so close to the light the shadow can not be.

In this moment, when the shadow itself disappears, we are close enough to the light to feel it’s warmth… the warmth we have been seeking since our birth, our entrance into this realm of light and shadow. Darkness is but a figment of the imagination, lost in the land in which light is something to be searched for.

In each experience, let the shadow be as it is, and follow the warmth and not the sight. Warmer and warmer it gets. Home is where the light meets the warmth. We are one with it, and so the journey is complete.

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