Git Vs Github


  • Git is a distributed version control system which tracks changes to source code over time.
  • Git is a command-line tool that reguires an interface to interact with the world.
  • It creates a local repository to track changes locally rather than storing them in a centralized server.
  • It stores and catalogs changes in code in a repository.
  • Git can work without GitHub as other web-based Git repositories are also available.


  • GitHub is a web-based hosting service for Git repository to bring teams together.
  • GitHub is a graphical interface and a development platform created for developers.
  • It is open-source which means code is stored in a centralized server and is accessible to everybody.
  • It provides a platform as an effort to bring teams together.
  • GitHub is the most popular Git server but there are other alternatives available such as GitLab.

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