Reading and Rejuvination

One the favorite aspects about holidays for me is the personal development. It’s the reading I do. Reading whilst going through a couple of stops on the metro, whilst waiting for the train or for the plane. I don’t get enough time to read in my usual hectic job and to be honest, the stress of the job leaves me mentally exhausted by the end of the day.

Reading is the one of the best ways I have found to rejuvenate myself. I think this is partly why holidays and breaks leave me feeling refreshed. This perhaps goes back to the notion that the brain finds new connections, exposure to new ideas, places and people, stimulating. It forces new neuronal connections to be formed. Perhaps whilst these are forming, you are able to also form new connections with regards to your thoughts? Perhaps the best time to read material that could be life-changing is on a holiday, whilst sipping coffee at 12 noon in front of a staggeringly beautiful church?

In Barcelona, I did an enormous amount of reading. I pared down my Instapaper queue from 2014. I created a ticker-file of the best highlights and comments that totals 7734 words.

I might write a summary of the best things I read, but for now all I will state is that I am back at home rejuvenated and bursting with ideas. This blog is one of them. I will also write a summary of how I read, collate notes and the logistics/mechanics of my ‘commonplace system’. For now I will leave you with two posts to read regarding commonplace books:

[Ryan Holiday – How and Why to Keep A Commonplace Book](

[Diana Kimball – A Decent Digital Commonplace Book System](

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