Weekly Motion 20.07.17

MAKING FASHION TO SAVE LIVES :: Malawi is one of the smallest countries on Africa, very agricultural, underdeveloped and one of the world’s worst hit by HIV. But it has also a very unique combination of wildlife and culture and it is the house of Mayamiko, an incredible ethical and sustainable UK fashion brand. The whole project started as a charity work that Paola Masperi started doing on Malawi in 2008 with the aim to provide education and develop skills to help people find a way out of poverty. This was an amazing opportunity; putting together wonderful fabrics and their cultural artisanal techniques, she created Mayamiko in 2013. Mayamiko supports the Fashion Revolution movement; all their fabrics are artisanal and hand-made, produced in Malawi and other neighbor countries. They live by a zero waste policy, using an efficient pattern cutting technique that wastes as minimum fabric as possible. If something is wasted they recycle it, making new fabrics, or donate to the community, where they give workshops about how to reuse it. Seeing this kind of project really inspire us and proves that fashion could and should be used to save lives and not to end them. And it can surely be done using astonishing ethnic, stylish, bold and unique traditional African prints, using amazing technics like batik and hand dip dye.
TRYING TOO HARD AND FAILING TOO HARD :: Of course we understand that making mistakes is part of any business and that it should be accepted when it’s recognized and apologized. But still, naming the top model Gigi Hadid and the ex-One Direction member, and also Gigi’s boyfriend, Zayn Malik as part of a new generation embracing gender fluidity was, better to say, a strange choice coming from Vogue. We keep asking ourselves why they didn’t took Cara, just to give the first fast example that pops ups in our minds! With just a quick look at both media feeds we can see that it has absolutely no genderless references over there. “I shop in his closet all the time” said Gigi, and these was enough for Vogue to put them at the cover with some gorgeous genderless pieces, that were doubtless not theirs. We are not all about criticism; it is really nice to see big players talking about polemical and disruptive movements and we are happy that they brought genderless to the spotlight. But at the same time we are concerned about such a strong communicator reducing a whole cultural and social concept to “still boyfriends clothes”. We do believe in creation and fashion without any kind of borders and we think that concepts like genderless are really important to create a new and conscious fashion and society.
THE PAST TO THE FUTURE SPRING 2018 OF BODE :: Sustainable and well designed, vintage and modern, old and trendy, the brand new high fashion name Bode puts what apparently were opposites to work together, and the result is amazing! With just one year old the American brand brought to the modern scenario the real concept of vintage but in a total remodeled shape. Most of their creations are made using reused fabrics. Vinyl from outdoors furniture, old quilts, grain sacks and bed linens are just some examples of original materials that have been transformed into amazing clothes. We should not forget to mention that all pieces are tailor-made in NY and some of them are unique, since many times their resources are limited to what they can find “in the past”. With this collection Emily Bode, the brand designer and founder, wanted to awake a feeling of home and family inspired by her uncle’s attic in Nice. The pieces certainly give us this feeling of a cozy weekend at the camp with our parents, bringing a pastel color chart mixed with classical and timeless strips, plaid and floral prints. Oh, and of course, about the prints; Emily does not create them, but she totally deserves lots of credit for all the research and the wonderful choices!

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