Weekly Motion 22.06.17

BUY LESS. CHOOSE WELL. MAKE IT LAST. :: BUYmeONCE is an e-commerce brand that preaches a very unusual policy, the lowsumerism. The main idea is to select high quality and long-lasting products that are made ethically and if possible with sustainable materials. They search for products that have lifetime warranty, which is a positive sign on the concept of durable goods. The company wants to change consumption habits from short-term to long-term buying. The idea came from Tara Button, a former advertising executive that was feeling uncomfortable to encourage an unnecessary and meaningless consumption. The inspiration came from the well know Le Creuset pan. Tara won one of them as a gift and started to ask herself why all her possessions couldn’t be as high quality and durable as it. Therefore, she decided to create an e-commerce and dedicate her time in the search for items that fit the pattern. We are really happy and inspired to see these kinds of ideas coming out to help us to live in a more sustainable way.
THE INFINITE CHASE FOR A WORLD WHERE FASHION PROMOTES AN INCLUSIVE LIFESTYLE :: The high fashion Nepali designer Pradal Gurung is doing his part to help create a new fashion, more conscious and inclusive. Always talking about feminism and choosing a diverse range of ethnicities and shapes of models, he got known for bringing polemical themes to the runaway. This time he decided to do something bigger regarding the notion of body image, making a collection in collaboration with the market leader retail in plus size Lane Bryant. The limited edition collection has twelve pieces and includes delicate hand-made flower prints, belted dresses, horizontal stripes and skinny pants. The collection totally overthrows the false believe that high fashion and curvy bodies cannot coexist. We believe that fashion should be used as a powerful tool to communicate and bring awareness and it should never be used to discriminate or segregate people. That is why we think that the industry’s beauty standards is completely outdated and needs to be questioned. Fashion needs to encourage natural looks that encompass all sizes and shapes, always focusing that being healthy and accepting how you look are the most important things.
THE ACID RESORT 2018 OF MSGM :: Being faithful to the brands identity, the designer Massimo Giorgetti kept the street style and the sporty footprint but with a remodeled vision. Adding some of the highest trends that we saw this season like oversized pieces, floral prints and fabric mash-ups. His inspirations came from very different sources but were all very strong marked in the collection. The acid and vibrant color chart came from the amazing installation Seven Magic Mountains, a set of seven stone piles, 10 meters high and disturbing colors placed in the middle of the Mojave Desert. An artwork that looks it has been made by aliens or some kind of exotic god. The geometric shapes came from David Zwirner exposition and there was also some influence from the Southern California surf culture. The hooded sporty jackets were maybe the highest point of the collection, bringing colorful floral prints mixed with bands of different fabrics with geometric cuts. Giorgetti also gave a touch of high fashion with moiré and tweed pieces. The denim, a must have of the season, also marked presence, with the logo printed on it and shredded hemlines.

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