The Next Big Mistake.

“I love you”, he said.

Imagine this. If you do decide to jump on this bandwagon with him, without knowing the ultimate consequences, you might as well see it coming as him being your teenage heartbreak.

The first few months would be pure bliss. The Honeymoon phase. You’ll treat each other with tender loving care and see each other as your “love of your life”. You go on nice dates, wear nice clothes and you learn more about each other. What’s your favorite album? What’s your favorite band? To be honest, the Honeymoon phase is where the most effort is being invested into this relationship because you’d pay attention to every single detail about your other half — how her hair looks, the smell of his cologne & how you’d think you’d spend the rest of your life with each other.

Then you’ll reach to the Acceptance phase, where you’d start to learn about each other’s flaws and faulted parts. You’d learn about why your other half don’t listen to bands you particularly like. You’d learn why your other half has certain issues in which he’d never find a common ground with. You’d learn about all his bad habits. Vice versa.

You start to tolerate each other — just because you’re together and he’s supposedly the ‘love of your life’. This is where insecurity and paranoia comes to play because both of you are already comfortable with each other’s zones. And this is where it actually all starts to crumble down. The more you invest in this relationship, the higher your expectations get. You’d start to doubt each other’s loyalty and love towards each other. You’d start to question whether this relationship will ever sustain till marriage. You’d start to question if he has other girls in mind. Many devilish whispering and thoughts would start to race in your mind and you just cannot help it. You’d eventually succumb to it.

And before you know it, things just go downhill. The other stops trying, he no longer bothers about how your make-up looks or how does that dress look on you. The relationship would feel like a chore, you’d just be investing all your energy, time and effort into something that you don’t even know whether it’ll last in the long run. And for all you know, your other party has thoughts of breaking up or already has another target in mind. Scary, right? And you know that eventually the time will come, in which you’d both walk separate paths, in despair.

Being in a relationship is hard, but what comes after leaving a relationship is even harder. You’d spend your nights crying your heart out, wondering what the hell went wrong. Why wasn’t I good enough for him? Was his words merely sweet nothings all along? You’d alternate between every emotion that exists out there, and it’s going to screw you up real good.

You would think that you’d be done thinking about him day and night, wrong. Your days and nights are going to revolve around him, 24/7. And the pain would still be there, and your tears would still be there, all the things that he gave you, would still be lying around the house. You would be consumed with all these unnecessary thoughts and sudden emotional meltdowns. Somewhere along the line, you’d think a miracle would exist and everything will go back to how it was perfect.

The problem is — you’d already seen it coming or at least, you’d already be able to predict it, even before you were with him. But why did you decide to do what you did, take the risk and go through all the heartbreak? Now, he’s just some stranger who would walk on this Earth, knowing you well enough, inside-out.

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