Learn Mercury Load runner as an Online Training

The advanced reality of a digital transformation in the digital world always been on a threshold in terms companies delivering the applications which have a faster performance and without a sacrificing the quality. To combat this, software companies who bring about such a robust applications in the market are always in the brink to deliver applications which can sustain their performance in the production. Hewlett-Packaged is an enterprise leader in the automated performance testing space, every application software’s goes through rigorous testing plans before the final release.

Mercury Load runner is an automated performance and load testing tool from Hewlett-Packard (HP), it is a software testing tool used to predict an application’s behavior and performance prior to the release of the software application. These facilitate the evaluation of end-to-end system performance prior to actual client environment deployment.

Steps involved in the test:

Planning the test:

Proper planning is required for successful load testing. Before running a load runner test, we need to clearly define the test plan and ensure that the test accomplishes testing objectives.

Creating the Vuser Scripts:

Vusers (In a performance testing environment, Load Runner replaces human users with virtual users, also known as Vusers). This is emulating human users interacting with your web-based application. A vuser script contains the actions that each vuser performs during the testing execution.

Running the scenario

It describes the vusers behavior during the scenario runs. Scenario consists of all the information that contained during the testing. It includes that list of machines vusers run, specified number of vusers, vuser groups and all.

Importance of Load Runner

• It uses the available monitors; it does not require any installation on the server under test.

• It uses simple programming language.

• Supports all protocols

• As it is an HP tool it supports the user by providing user manual documentation

Load Runner training Online

It is an excellent testing tool to learn and master. The online courses emulate the classroom study and thereby provide the recorded version which can be used for further references. The advantage of learning the online training is that one can learn the course at any available place. Online load runner training gives an excellent knowledge on performance testing and it becomes a platform to have a practical project exposure.

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