Online Software Testing Course

Almost half the jobs in operating system field are in the area of software testing. However, there is nil education on software testing to students in their curriculum at colleges and institutes.

Now, you can receive the most practical training in Software Testing and achieve education based software testing certifications without leaving your office or home. software testing techniques course & certifications exams are all available online. It is convenient, cost effective and cause sense.

Online Software Testing Course is the perfect opportunity for those who want to build their career in the field of software program. The fresher one or the interested candidate who is new in the IT field & wish to boost more intelligence on Software testing & thirst to constitute a career in software system, then the Software testing course is only for those people.

Software Testing: — It is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding the software bugs. It involves validation and verification of any software or applet. So as to meets the business and technical requirements.

Purpose of the Software Testing: — It is performed to verify that the readily available application functions according to the expectations defined by the requirements / specifications. Software test automation tools is not only intended to detect new software bug but it also covers future negative situations that impact the customers.

Users of Online Software Testing Courses:-
• Fresher’s
• Software Test Engineers
• Software Test Managers
• Software Quality Engineers
• Software Quality Managers

Benefits of Online Learning:-
• In online learning, you can record the lecture, you can rewind it & see until you understand it but in traditional classrooms it is not possible, you have to listen only.
• You can grasp anywhere at home or office, no need to go institute.
• There is no time bound for lecture like traditional classroom, you can learn for 10 min to 10 hrs on your wish.
• No need to wait for mentor to instructions, since all notes & materials are accessible 24x7 for 360 days.
• In online learning, you will get the opportunity to reconciled people working for Infosys, WIPROs, IBMs and people from Canada, UK, US etc.
• The best part is you can save lot of time and money. 
• Need not to navigate to the academy, you can directly learn from your convenient place.
• Prerecorded video lectures and textual notes are available. There is no worry of missing classes.

Types of Online Software Testing Course:-
• Functional Testing
• Regression Testing
• Manual Testing
security testing
• Unit Testing
• Integration Testing
• System Testing
• Smoke & Sanity Testing
• Non-Functional Testing

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