not having to learn JSX was of huge help
Why we moved from Angular 2 to Vue.js (and why we didn’t choose React)
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As a sidenote, JSX is JavaScript under the hood. There is so little syntactic sugar to learn (and the sugar that is there is reasonably named — an onClick is to React what on(‘click’) was to JQuery).Need a list? Use JS map. Need anything conditional? Just use straight-up JS conditions, if-else, ternary expressions etc. To render your elements, just use them as you would use any html element.

You got the power of JavaScript in your hands and you can just “mold” JSX into anything you want.

Not bashing vue, just to be clear — I’ve used the library and like it a lot. It’s also great to have some community-driven, open-source alternatives to such behemoths as React and Angular! ❤

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