Writing a Blog Engine in Phoenix and Elixir: Part 5, Adding ExMachina
Brandon Richey

Hey Brandon, I like your series on Elixir and Phoenix quite a lot, thank you very much for putting great intro material for Elixir beginners. The idea of publishing posts on different libraries is a nice idea, it helps to show alternative solutions for common problems. As a concrete example, how would you handle background jobs?

- https://github.com/sasa1977/workex

Exq is a job processing library compatible with Resque / Sidekiq
- https://github.com/akira/exq

Simple and reliable background job library for Elixir
- https://github.com/joakimk/toniq

Example from Survey: https://github.com/houshuang/survey/blob/master/lib/job_worker.ex

Or just roll your own solution?


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