Dealing with the Fear of Outer Space or Astrophobia

Astrophobia: A type of specific phobia

For many Earthlings, the mysteries of outer space are intriguing. But it turns into a horrible fear for some people. When there is a severe and irrational fear of stars and space, it is known as Astrophobia. Many specific phobias are related to a defined object or situation, and Astrophobia is one of them. Other fears like fear of the dark, being alone, or being away from home also comes under the ambit of Astrophobia.

For many, a fear of aliens can also be strongly connected to Astrophobia. Such people may get affected (tormenting the mental health) by Films which play into the fear that outside our planet, and that certain form of hostile intelligent life may exist. Scenes in which life is threatened by an extra-terrestrial attack are also represented in many of these films, and these scenes give shivers down the spine of people with Astrophobia.

The Symptoms of Astrophobia:

People who have Astrophobia aren’t just casually uneasy with the thought of space, stars, or alien life but also have a persistent fear and anxiety related to it. It happens to the extent that it leads to possibly affecting their healthy growth. In Astrophobia as well, the symptoms are similar to those of other common phobias including:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Anxiety
  • Trembling
  • Feelings of terror
  • Panic
  • Rapid heartbeat

Some of the common examples:

People may find themselves in a condition in which they are unable to watch films about aliens depending on the exact nature of their phobia. They may retain a healthy scepticism about those superficial theories relating to outer space and aliens, and worry about what it could mean if these theories were true.

Best Doctor for Mental Health Issues to Treat Astrophobia

If someone exhibits an interest in such a topic, it doesn’t mean that the person is suffering from Astrophobia. However, if the interest turns to a life-limiting obsession that can create an adverse effect on mental health and work as a hindrance in everyday life, one must seek help from the best doctor for mental health issues.

The Treatments Suitable for Astrophobia

Just like any other specific phobia, Astrophobia can also be treated in the same way under the supervision of any psychiatrist. In this treatment, the main focus is laid upon helping the sufferer to unlearn any negative beliefs about space. To help with avoiding panic, patients are taught about healthier messages and coping skills. The following are the few types of treatment for Astrophobia, which yield positive results: Cognitive-behavioural therapy:

In this treatment, the therapist or psychiatrist works with the patient to gradually change the way they think. The therapist counteracts the automatic thought patterns in which stars or space are connected with danger.


Traditional analysis with an expert therapist like one at our Mindroot Clinic for Mental Health in Jaipur.

Behavioural therapy:

Eliminating unwanted behaviours and reinforcing desirable behaviours.

Exposure therapy:

Gradually reducing avoidance of stars and space and increasing exposure.

Relaxation techniques:

Focusing on healthy habits through which anxiety can be reduced.


It can be used as a relaxation technique.

Medications to treat anxiety:

Prescribed medicines from an expert may help in conjunction with other forms of therapy.

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