I Talked To 1400 Strangers About Their Sex Lives. Here’s What I Learned.
Jared Matthew Weiss

Thank you thank you thank you! The changes over the past few decades have made my life nothing short of amazing and this piece sums it up quite nicely. I was especially keen to read your comments about space and safety. Whether I am in a relationship or not, it is good to know that I am free to explore whatever I wish without fear of judgment or ridicule. The upside is that I have immense freedom to change as circumstances and my feelings dictate. This has also change the way I define loyalty and fidelity. Those terms are laden with outdated meaning that no longer feels right for me. The downside has been a lot of heartache and anger in the wake of those changes. Not everyone is on board with my freedom — and having the space and safety to do so — but I hope the women I meet will evolve to accept the fluidity of it all the way I have.

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