Social Innovation can happen only if the Mothers lead it!

The father faces the changing world. Pressures of performance on him are enormous. He cannot give enough time for the family members. He delegates the responsibility of his children to outsourced coaches.

The children feel lonely. Parents today hardly understand what they are going through. The children don’t think their parent’s generation can ever understand. The children require more empathy, time and efforts from the parents.

At the crossroads is the mother. She has emotions attached to whatever she does. She has to own the performance of everybody in the family. Without actually knowing what is exactly happening outside in the lives of the husband or the children, she has to estimate where the world is going and be the emotional pillar for all. Yes she has to do it for all her life.

The mother’s role demands her to handle all problems and constraints of the family. She has to always look happy though. The nest has to feel homely and secure when the family member’s walk in after a demanding day in the outside world. It is not easy; she has to toil for it. She has to try and keep the members on the value path, absorbing the frustrations she hears from them after a difficult day. She has her own biological clock to handle. Her temperament and poise have to be life enriching and not suck the energy of other members.

The Key Performance Areas for the husband and the children are defined to a larger extent. What about the mother? She has to be everywhere for everybody all the time.

How does she achieve this feat? Does she pay a price? Is it correct to assume that she is blessed genetically to perform her role? Or is it that her academic and professional capabilities are sacrificed at the altar of the family well being?

How does the mother spend her day while carrying this emotional baggage?

Her routine is full with sudden requirements. Children make mistakes in planning their schedules; they require support in time and effort. Her tasks are majorly of multiple small activities, lasting just a few minutes. Many times those are to rectify the mistakes of other family members. This makes her daily routine fluctuating. Ironically the expectation out of her is consistency: all the time. She cannot fail. What will the others feel when they come back home?

One of her relaxation is to involve in some small talk. At times she engages in some stress induced food binging habits. She has to keep up her resolve to overcome the indulgences. Going through the onslaught of immense activities she readily prefers to relax her mind and body. Without going through her normal day in life, nobody can understand why she gets tired so quickly!

The mother performs the role for years. Gathers social inputs to keep the family updated. She protects the family from social ills. Children grow, husbands are promoted. The mother’s role becomes less loaded with activities. But her habits are already formed.

Could our mothers have lived differently? Could we have done things differently to help them lead us rather than only support our causes?

We will have to do something to enable the mother’s, nurture the family members into the future. We will have to help her be the leader of social innovation!

In our opinion this is a social cause, prevalent in every country. It can be overcome only through collective societal efforts.

What do you think? Can’t we contribute to this cause of helping the mother’s, nurture the future?