Lifestyle Design? Please, Shut the Fuck Up
Pete Ross

Yup! Sometimes I envy people who work at regular jobs :

  1. Direct community of people who work with you.
  2. Stability of income.
  3. Support of a team who is in it with you.

I love doing what I do (I’m an entertainer). If it weren’t for that fact I would have gone into teaching philosophy at a college. Either path asked work and a lot of dedication, both required effort put in that will never be renumerated or recognized. (After all, only a tiny fraction of what we produce is apparent to people, whether it be in art or other careers.)

It takes work, it takes sweat and it takes years before it is worthwhile for one to partake in wisdom sharing. There is a huge difference between living a hardship and writing about hardship, between passing through obstacles and reading a 10 point article on how to cope with hardship.

Life is beautiful but sometimes those beautiful things are wrapped in pain-staking packages. It takes time, it takes courage, it takes effort.

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