Don’t Ever Lose Your Uniqueness

I was as of late questioned as to whether I accepted that all clients and customers — and probably prospects — are special, would I concur that all front line sales experts are unique?

Both the short answer and the long response to that question is an unequivocal YES, definitely they are.

This is absolutely why I rally against the individuals who might have all of us separated into boxes or categories. When somebody instructs us to try and sell in a certain manner, and that way is not familiar to us, our methodology is quickly distinguished by our prospect/customer/client as being “manufactured” and unauthentic.

The way that we have picked sales as an occupation would recommend that we have an outgoing and gregarious nature — yet be guaranteed, “Outgoing” comes in different diverse flavors, and isn’t generally accompaniedby self confidence. We all have a safe place, and when we are compelled to wander out of it, we areuncomfortable.

When we get to be uncomfortable, we get to be a bit anxious, and that uneasiness is transmitted to our prospects, so now everybody is uncomfortable.

In sales training one should share their insight and experience, outline methods, talk about ideas and new ideas, and afterward permit them to take away what they feel comfortable with, to incorporate within their own selling style.

When you consider it, isn’t this fairly like child rearing? We do this with our kids: We show them core values, and after that permit them to advance on the planet, while we withdraw into a “supporting” role.

Here at MindStorm we are not only specialize in strategic consulting in New York we also specialize in sales training. We teach that the one remarkable element that you have in a sales situation, where the playing fields have never been so level, is yourself — your own selling style, unique identity, interesting selling ability.

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