Evonik Launches Innovation Challenge: Invent a new way to cut acrylic sheet

As the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty acrylic-based sheet products, Evonik Acrylic Products combines excellence in acrylics with human curiosity. In fact, our vision is this: Evolution in acrylics is our passion. This means that we always seek to advance the world by applying our hearts and minds to our work with acrylics.

To serve our customers, Evonik continues to innovate new products to meet the ever-growing needs of humanity. The continuous production of acrylic sheets are the raw material, or “canvas” for our customers. Our products help our customers preserve memories (via a UV blocking picture frame glazing), create renewable energy (via photo concentration lenses), collaborate (via stain-free markerboard), or see the world (via aircraft windows) to name a few applications where acrylic-based products are particularly useful to the world.

One challenge our customers face is that the “canvas” is almost always processed into smaller shapes than the original size. Common methods of sizing and resizing the canvas include sawblade cutting, routing, hot-knife cutting, and laser cutting. Each of these methods has drawbacks including saw chip generation, heat-induced stresses, uneven edges, and dust and noise.

90 degree, clean, smooth edges with a polished appearance are almost universally preferred, even on the starting canvas.

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