UL Launches Innovation Challenge: What are the expectations of Millennials around “smart” homes?

The Internet of Things is trending. It continues to drive consumers to lead more connected lives and it has begun to advance business.

Smart home technology exemplifies one of the outcomes of this trend. Smart appliances and home systems make life more convenient, improve home safety and security, save consumers money on utility costs, contribute to environmental improvements, and…they’re cool!

Consider these examples of smart home technology:

  • -Intelligent thermostats can manage the temperature of your apartment depending on your routine and the weather.
  • -Lighting systems managed by occupancy sensors reduce environmental impact and save electricity.
  • -Smart refrigerators track the food stored inside and suggest recipes.
  • -Smart entertainment systems allow more intuitive and direct control of the entertainment environment in an apartment.

The smart home revolution is in full swing!

As a company that provides expertise to propel innovation, UL is interested in learning more about consumer expectations and desires for smart homes!

*We want ideas that break the rules and propel smart technologies to new horizons.

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