Xan Griffin’s “Zodiac” Album Review

Jose Chipeco
Jul 20, 2018 · 7 min read

I’m not actually much into Zodiac signs, but what I am into is listening to chill electronic music, mostly from MrSuicideSheep and Monstercat. When I first heard Xan Griffin’s “Leo” and the various Zodiac-inspired songs, I was amazed by the quality and thought put into each song and how it matches for each sign in a way, and I love it when music is well-made and has great meaning behind it.

So I’m here to review and ramble about each song within this magical album, and really just dive into what I think makes each of them special. You can listen to the full Album Mix here.

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Xan Griffin’s Zodiac album. Stream it on Spotify here.


The album begins with Aries, being the first Zodiac sign (well, the album is arranged in order of the signs). A steady instrumental dubstep tune, I would describe the song as courageous and mostly having a rebellious sid. It’s a depiction oftraits of the Aries sign as independent go-getters who are often leaders. The song gives off an Egyptian vibe, as the Aries sign is associated with the Egyptian god Amon-ra, a man with a ram’s head.

People with the Aries sign are born on March 21 — April 19.

Taurus (feat. Tedy)

Taurus is sung by the talented Tedy (who has a favorite song of mine called Lost and Found). The tune is somewhat mellow with dominant piano keys, finger snaps, incredibly chill with some heartfelt lyrics. Taurus are known for their attachment and reliability, and this song and the lyrics captures that a lot.

“I just need you to come a little closer. I could show you how I feel. You’ve just gotta hold me closer. Now why you running? Baby I’m here for good.”

People with the Taurus sign are born on April 20 — May 20.

Gemini (feat. WILD)

The song Gemini is a chill positive one, somewhat emotional, with techno beats and gives off a smart and confident vibe that isn’t too brash. The song also has two vocals (a male and female) and I love how appropriate it was with the sign. Fun, light, and carefree, you’ll find yourself jamming along the chorus: “ So we start a fire.

People with the Gemini sign are born on May 21 — June 20.

Cancer (feat. Emilia Ali)

Cancers are known for the compassion and empathy, and the song made by Xan Griffin is one filled with soul. The lyrics of the song mostly touches on the romantic side of the Cancer, the way love seeps into their hearts and bones, reminiscing of the past, which I’ve read is one of the Cancer’s weaknesses. It’s one song that does justice to that side of the Cancer individual.

You’re lovely but you can’t love me. You’re lovely but I can’t breathe.
’Cause you got here where I’m supposed to be.

People with the Cancer sign are born on June 21 — July 22.

Leo (feat. NÉONHÈART)

Leos are the lions, and the song made by Xan Griffin is one filled with vigor and energy. The vocals were sung by NEONHEART in a youthful tone. The song lyrics is one of my favorites out of the album— as it’s about the detached/unemotional personality that the Leo often has and how she wants to fight or break free from that. Leos are often one-sided and impulsive, and it’s a weakness the Leo has acknowledged and is trying to overcome.

Forgive me, my hopeless pride. Believe me, don’t try to walk away.

People with the Leo sign are born on July 23 — August 22.

Virgo (feat. Darcy)

The song Virgo is another solemn tune with a bit of a Flyleaf/Against the Current rock flair to it. Virgos are smart, practical and sensitive. The song is calm to listen to, and takes you to images of past relationships, in rural areas with childhood friends and memories. The images painted by the song fit the personality of the Virgo perfectly, as they are modest and beautiful, keen on every detail of their lives.

Let’s go and paint the town like old times. Pretend that I never left for one night. ’Cause we never skipped a beat, I feel it in the way you touch.

People with the Virgo sign are born on August 23 — September 22.

Libra (feat. Koo)

The next sign on the album is “Libra”, a song filled with percussion and chimes, with a very short lyric. It’s quite a balanced song, not too upbeat or emotional, much like the scales that symbolize the Libra sign. I’ve read that Libras are often laidback, and searching for satisfaction, and the vibe of this song just fits that description perfectly.

Take my hand, let’s sit on this sky. People dreaming like up to the sky.

People with the Libra sign are born on September 23 — October 22.

Scorpio (feat. Romy Wave)

The Scorpios are emotional and sensitive, but when in their times of weakness tend to turn to vengeance or hatred. This song is somewhat of a roller coaster of those emotions. Romy Wave sings about what seems like a Scorpio during heartbreak, or that desire for what a lover just doesn’t seem to give anymore.

Turn it up, want it louder…to cover up your apathy.

People with the Scorpio sign are born on October 23 — November 21.

Sagittarius (feat. Love Alexa)

Another solemn, somewhat grand tune that describes the Sagittarius personality. Listening to the song reminds me of life, nature, and adventure, all of these experiences, good or bad, that make up the entirety of a human life, and all the vast types of people that exist in the world, and how seemingly open it is when seen in a certain perspective. This vibe given by the song fits perfectly as Sagittarius are highly adjustable and with a deep understanding for different ways of life. The lyric is somewhat short, “Freedom lives right within you”. And it’s true.

People with the Sagittarius sign are born on November 22 — December 21.

Capricorn (feat. WOLFE)

The song and the lyrics exudes an extremely confident vibe, determination, motivation, discipline, ambition, everything about that really. I think it’s the most “millenial” song out of the bunch, really captures modern day perfectly. Capricorns are described this way, so the song is incredibly accurate. My mom is a Capricorn herself, and I found that this song is a strong description of her personality.

I will become what I’m meant to be. I will give up self-made boundaries.
I will live in the world I will make. There is no doubt I will make my way.

People with the Capricorn sign are born on December 22 — January 19.


Aquarius is an epic instrumental dubstep song which has a tune a lot similar to Aries. Maybe it’s because both signs are compatible? I’m not sure. Anyway, this song (and Pisces) is a lot like me, as I’m born on February 18. The song starts off with this orchestra, medieval tune, and then starts to go into this chaotic uprising of a choir singing “Hallelujah”. Then it moves into this solemn harp/electric guitar tune that slowly rises up again to an AMAZING DROP that’s like EXTREME and energetic, and again ending in a dramatic fashion. The Aquarius are intelligent, energetic and full of brilliant ideas and this greatly expresses that turbulence/unpredictable nature us Aquarius people have.

People with the Aquarius sign are born on January 20 — February 18.

Pisces (feat. Lilianna Wilde)

The people of the Pisces sign are visionaries, dreamers, dedicated to their creativity. They are idealistic and have strong faith, and this song captures that perfectly. The song is chill and calm all throughout, and shows a lot of imagery of waves and water.

We can do what waves do, I’ll be crashing into you.
We can be like waves, get a little lost in me.

People with the Pisces sign are born on February 19 — March 20.


Ophiuchus is a 13th zodiac that I don’t know much about. Upon doing some reading, I’ve found that it’s not actually a sign but a constellation that falls between the dates November 29 and December 18. The song really seems to be just a bonus track out of a The Sims soundtrack, and listening to it gives off a sort of space/stars vibe, the vast galaxy and all of the stars out there, it’s quite grand actually.


The final song that wraps up the album, more like an ending theme to tie up all the Zodiac signs — all the different kinds of humans, the personalities, the experiences and how each of us are unique in our own ways. It’s a beautiful end to an amazing album, quite mysterious much like the stars in the sky, in a grand Porter Robinson-esque techno dubstep tune.

Song Rankings — Which Are The Best?

How does YouTube rank each song off the album? I’m listing them down based on the number of views of each.

  1. Capricorn — 4.2M views
  2. Gemini — 3.9M views
  3. Virgo — 2.7M views
  4. Leo — 2.5M views
  5. Libra — 2.1M views
  6. Pisces — 2.1M views
  7. Sagittarius — 1.9M views
  8. Aquarius — 1.7M views
  9. Taurus — 1.3M views
  10. Cancer — 648K views
  11. Scorpio — 613K views
  12. Aries — 61K views

So yeah, I was right that the song “Capricorn” is appealing to the current generation due to its go-getter, get motivated message in reaching your dreams and all that stuff. I like it too, and my three favorites would have to be the songs Taurus, Capricorn, and Gemini. While I’m an Aquarius and I do think that the song fits my personality perfectly, the song isn’t really the easy-listening kind due to all the turbulence in it. Much like Fellow Feeling by Porter Robinson (which I cried to while listening one time).

Anyway, yeah, the Zodiac album by Xan Griffin is a creative take on electronic music, with great insight, carefully crafted and well-thought. It’s a brilliant display of artistry and an exciting drift that shows what music is capable of in our lives and how it’s able to connect to us.

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