The Advanced Brain Management Seminar

3 Full Brain Power Packed Days of hands-on training with

Instructor — Shannon Panzo, PhD — Mental Photography Expert

Are you Ready to have everything NOW?

You are invited to a truly unique experience exploring your path to maximizing mental capacity and leading you to achieve your full potential in business and in your personal life.

This is a Fully Working System you can Start using TODAY!

Shannon Panzo PhD, Master of Brain Management & Mental Photography shares with you the hidden and forbidden techniques that will give you access to the true power of your brain.


In this once only experience you will discover how to:

  • Develop resistance to subliminal control over your decisions.
  • Achieve fantastic reading speeds beyond speed reading.
  • Command Information as never before
  • Develop an unrivalled memory.
  • Access instant recall.
  • Gain unparalleled insight.
  • Achieve maximum concentration.
  • Enjoy renewed health and wellness of your mind and body.
  • Enhance your peripheral vision and eyesight.
  • Achieve self-empowerment.
  • Reduce the amount of sleep you need.
  • Improve your self-esteem and confidence.

… and much more!

You know how most people use only 10% of their brain power? Shannon will reveal techniques that unlock the immense power of the remaining 90% of your brain power.

During this truly amazing weekend Shannon will lead you to discover the ‘path of least resistance’; specifically attuned to your needs and how to apply this to achieve your true life purpose.

Every minute of our life we make choices. When the choices we make are not aligned with our true purpose the result is chaos, a series of seemingly random results where our goals are never truly fulfilled. We suffer stress, unhappiness, loss of confidence, loss of wealth and sometimes our health is adversely affected.

Often we blame karma or bad luck or interference by others and suffer a feeling of helpless. Seldom is this the case. Shannon will show you how to identify the choices open to you and how to be certain you make the choices that will create the right outcomes in alignment with your life.


Following the training, Dr. Shannon Panzo will be your Mentor and guide for staying on track, and getting the most from the training.

During this weekend you will develop the skill to acquire knowledge at a rate most cannot imagine. Suppose you could read at 50,000 to 100,000 words per minute or more with comprehension of over 90%. This is easily achievable with Executive Brain Management techniques.

Knowledge is power we are told, but this age old adage leaves out one important factor which when ignored makes knowledge not only powerless but positively dangerous. Shannon will lead you to a deeper understanding of the process of applying knowledge giving you absolute power over your destiny.

Shannon Panzo, PhD has been travelling the world guiding students to a higher level of understanding of their brain power for over 35 years.

He is the copyright owner of many brain management resources throughout the world, a prodigy of the Brain Management system developed by the great Richard Welch and the creator and worldwide leader of ZOX Pro on-line training.

Once paid, All participants in this weekend of training will be given free access to ZOX Pro Training. It is a prerequisite that you complete this training before attending so you will get the full benefit of this truly mind blowing workshop. All that you learn in ZOX Pro Training will be multiplied many fold by what Shannon has to share with you during the weekend.

For More info: The Advanced Brain Management Seminar

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