Career Sledgehammer Moment: The Hardest Lesson the Universe Taught me

Rohit Malhotra
Feb 22 · 3 min read

It happened to me in the cold November rain

The Beginning

You weren’t born to live your life according to a script.

A script that makes millions slave from eight to late, through the week, pay bills and die.

You weren’t born to be just another cog in the giant wheel of life. You were destined for something much greater!

But the script took over.

Shifting your perspective

It programmed you to get an expensive university education. It put you in debt before you started earning. It even took a chunk out of your parents’ retirement fund!

It often made you chase a well-paid, uninspiring job.

It numbed your creativity but paid the bills and enabled the 1.5*times lifestyle you desired to keep up with your peer. It made the hours for dollars trade-off seem “normal” because everyone else was doing it.

But how normal is trading 5 days of economic slavery for 2 days of weekend freedom?

In which financial world would you accept that Return On Investment?

Yet, millions of us do that every single day, without questioning the mathematical formula.

We mindlessly commute long hours for a job we are “okay” with but don’t love.

Life becomes one unquestioning mechanism of coping and living for the weekend.

We become ‘comfortably numb’ till we get gentle nudges from the Universe that something is not quite right.

Ignore those nudges and one day, you may be knocked down, as badly as I was.

“Let me tell you about my sledgehammer moment”

I was an ambitious professional doing well in the heady world of financial markets trading.

In 1999, I was convinced that I had made it with the proverbial success metrics of a great lifestyle- a comfortable income, a fancy apartment, and a wonderful companion.

I believed I was set for greater success but fate had other plans.

I remember it like it was just yesterday.

I was in a cab in Hong Kong and it started raining cats and dogs.

The thundering skies raged cold November rain against the windows as we crawled through a crowded street near Lan Kwai Fong at 6 in the evening. Despite it being cold outside, I began sweating after looking at images of tumbling stock prices on a neighbouring building.

The tech stock market crash wiped out all my personal savings and reset my economic life to zero. In a moment’s time, my dreams were shattered and I had to start from scratch to financially rebuild myself.

But you know what? A strange thing happened.

Although I had been more in sync with my left brain that helped manage numbers, finance, investment banking, logic, and data, I found myself attracted to the right brain world of meditation and mindfulness.

A few years later, I surpassed my previous financial success knowing that I had transformed my inner reality. An axis within me had shifted.

I was able to see success in a much larger context than ever before.

You should probably know that I’m no monk with a desire to renounce the world.

Success to me is about balance.

It’s about balancing a well-lived life with growth in professional and personal life.


As years passed by, I came to the realization that my experiences could be of value to others who’re walking the same journey as I am.

Mentoring friends and colleagues came naturally to me, which is when I pursued certification as a life coach.

Even though one-on-one coaching can be impactful, its scope is limited. I yearn to help as many people as I can in the years to come.

This led to the creation of MindWealth Inc (Canada).

MindWealth, is built on the trifecta of mastery in careers, finance, and mindfulness. Along with global masters in specific subjects, I will be sharing ideas, strategies and simple tactics that you can use immediately to transform your life and claim your mastery.

If you do need my help or would just like to chat, I’d be honoured.

Feel free to drop an email to me at and we can discuss aspects of your growth in your career, personal finances and/or spirit. I promise to respond to you at the earliest.

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