The World is Spinning….

When there aren’t checks on
the President, democracy
dies. Is it too late?

It doesn’t happen
all at once. Our rights slowly
erode. Before we

know what’s going on 
we’re living in a place where
truth is not truth and

alternative facts
replace actual facts. There 
is no such thing as

science. Pollution
is valued over clean air.
Lies spew out of the

White House like lava
shooting from a volcano.
Fox News has become

State News — a mouthpiece
for Donald Trump’s chaotic 
thoughts and “policies.”

Children are ripped from
parents as family values,
once preached by the

Republicans, have
become a joke. The world is 
spinning and spinning….

This dystopian
world — now our reality.
Might it be too late?
(Haikus #1589–1598)

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