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Another question about the Lead Parent idea: is it more of a framework for elite parenting? I grew up in a suburb of Houston, TX. Most of my peers who still live there are public university-educated, two-career families, but they tend to choose careers where both parents can be involved at home. My cousin is a L&D nurse and her husband is a high school math teacher. My best friend is a dental professor and her husband is in sales. My other best friend left her teaching job to stay home full-time and her husband is a commercial pilot, meaning that he’s on the road 10 days a month. The rest of the days, they co-parent as a team. In none of these examples are the families wealthy but they are beyond comfortable and don’t feel over-worked or that their children lack for parental involvement. Suburban Texas isn’t for everyone — I left for college and have not returned — but I often wonder if we have something to learn from places where the idea that caregiving has tremendous value is not a novel concept.

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