What You Own, Owns You: Minimalism For People Who Love Things
Benjamin Foley

Great read. Also, love the black book idea. I’m now at the point where I (a little OCD-like) track my spending in an Excel spreadsheet, and break each transaction into different categories (i.e. — budgeted, food, gas, extras, etc.), which helps me keep track of what I spend. But, I’ll definitely keep the black book idea in mind for others.

Also, I’ve found so many benefits to being a (mostly) minimalist. I have a TV, but I don’t watch any news or shows. I have DVD’s of TV shows that I like, and movies of course. This has helped my peace of mind so much, less stress, less anxiety. Out of everything I own, my books are a must have item, that I splurge on. But everything else, including clothes, I buy when I need them. This gives me financial security because I’m not overspending on items I don’t need, and peace of mind because I’m able to put that extra money away for an emergency. So many benefits. The key is, start small.

Great read, and great tips. Thanks for sharing.

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