Quit Stop Alcohol Today! The Easy Solution.
Kris Kourtis

While I’m open to all forms of therapy/ and or medications to treat alcohol addiction, I find the fact that you’re pushing this drug so hard here, without any (or hardly any) experience of your own. It’s one thing if you would have said “Here’s my experience with Baclofen”. It’s a whole other story when you start giving dosing instructions, as you did at the end. Are you a doctor? If not, I would highly recommend you do not try to give medical advice like this. This article is not informative in my opinion, it is dangerous.

To those who decide to read this article, please do not heed the advice given here. Talk with your doctor or GP, and listen to them. They are the one’s who have the training to be able to give advice on when/ how to take medications for addiction, when it’s the right time to use it, and when to taper off.

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