To My Alcoholic Friend
Hokey Pokey

You’re so right, an alcoholic will always give some excuse, or say “well, you do this so it’s the same thing”. They won’t listen to anyone until they get sick and tired of being sick and tired. I know from experience.

For you, if you encounter something like this again, or for anyone else, there is possible help out there. If you call the AA hotline in your city and ask for someone to come and speak with your loved one/ friend, someone will come and talk to them. It’s called a 12th step call.

Now, I’m not saying AA is the only way (for all of you AA naysayers out there), but that’s a viable option. It would at least get the seed planted so when they are ready (God willing they reach that point before they die from alcoholism), then they have a fighting chance.

Otherwise, great read. I’m glad it wasn’t what you intended to write to begin with. You shared honestly what I think many people with alcoholic loved ones/ friends face on a daily basis, and it came from the heart. So, thank you for sharing

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