Your granddaughters more than likely are already familiar with the dangers that are out there.
Gabriel Ivan Orendain-Necochea

This journey is Liz’s and I am not going to get into a huge debate with you about this. However, you are fooling yourself if your “awareness” consists of only men. We just had 5 women in our area arrested and sent to prison for life for doing just what happened to Liz. Placing anger on one gender is not going to keep you safe. You need to be aware at all times of ALL people surrounding you. We also do need to teach people that just because you are in an environment surrounded by friends, family, etc., it can still happen. Thank God Liz was taught, and had the courage, to find a way to get help. I can teach my grandsons, granddaughters, sons, etc., how to be a good part of humanity, but that is not going to stop situations like this alone. Preparedness, and being taught to be safe, is the way to start. Again, thank God you are safe Liz!! Hug your mom and dad, I know they probably need one as well every time they think of this!! ❤

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