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CNN should not be an arbiter of who in society is punished for expressing their views and who is not. They must either out everyone they can or no one. They are not God, even thought they still use his voice. And who decides what is racist, bigoted or anti-semitic? Where is a line to be drawn? How bigoted is bigoted enough to be called out?

Better yet, why is CNN so obsessed about this tiny matter? With what has been going on in the world over the last 5 days, “the most trusted name in news” has been wallowing in self pity and worrying about whether they have been “placed in danger” by a silly joke. I can tell you this, after spending 5 days covering a video (not a GIF) and demonizing those that shared it, CNN would CERTAINLY be placing this man in danger by releasing his identity at this date, no question about it. And blackmailing him into giving up his 1st amendment rights is an amazing turn of events for a “news” organization.

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