The MINE Project has gotten the permission for the official running of the only Mining Farm from the Chinese Government!

May 15, 2018 · 2 min read

The MINE Project has attained the official permission for the running of the Mining Farm from the Chinese Government. This has never happened before in China, and we are the first one to get the permission from the Chinese government, so it’s our first significant milestone.

Now within the Chinese government, there are no current other mining farms that has gotten the official permission from the Government. The current mining farms are using the agricultural electricity for illegal use, or they have continued to run it illegally, and we certainly won’t be surprised if they are caught any moment.

Our Mining Farm is located in the Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region, where the strong electricity supply supports us. The area where our Mining Farm are seen present is supported by 3 strong power stations. Moreover, without the help of any outside power grids, it’s also completely possible to independently run our Mining Farm.

The first exclusive MINE Project farm has space for estimated 2500 GPU mining machines to fit, and there are high quality heat waste exhaustion facilities along with them. Moreover, we are still in the middle of constructing additional farms, where 50 thousand installation of mining machines are possible.

Furthermore, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency media “COINTELEGRAPH” also featured how MINE has gained the operation permission from the Chinese government.

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Mine creates a new economic zone that is centered on mining farms. Official page

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