Minexcoin resolutely reacted to the raging crime in the network. Reward 20 BTC

The project Minexcoin became the object of attraction for the criminal or «so-called criminal» community!

Recently, the crypto industry has been developing at a rapid pace that started attracting unconcealed criminals.

From the very beginning of its work on the project the Minexcoin team demonstrated full openness, and at the same time, the concern about the non-dissemination of personal and commercial information which were of interest to criminals and their reaction for such kind of our action did not kept waiting for too long, as we had already been subjected to hacker attacks twice, although they were unsuccessful and further tries were easily predicted.

On the 7th of May, 2017, a week before ICO start,our team received the following message to the private Bitcointalk email (original message is in Russian and here is its translation into English):

First message

«Good day! We advise you not to rush to have a rest on the May Holidays as they may not take place.

We know who you are .. but we will not write in plain text, so that: first, you had the opportunity to give feedback and, second — to pay for our work — we already have off-the-shelf Big Text which describes who you are, as well as, respectively, not posting it in the future and for you not to pay for our future work and our services. We were preparing and waiting for the ICO approaching and now we have a business proposal for you. It is not blackmail or whatever else, this is business and, I would say, a proposal for your Silence, for the conversion of all the Negative posts made by our team about you in topics only into Positive ones, for the spread of the negative information about you (and as we know it was mostly made by us): finding out who are you and what are you and the facts such as: where were sold 2 mln. of coins, links, links dating this fact..To ignore this fact for you will not work out: how much was collected in Btc.equivalent, at what price the buyers bought Tokens, why 150 thousand more coins were sold if it is not known how much those 2 Mln.coins costed and what price to set for another 150 thousand..well it is minimum, we will explain to investors in all the topics why they should not deal with you, our team has english speakers that’s what you place the most emphasis on and also in all the future translated topics we will write using Red letters on White what is what…so you understood, we will write using the number of characters in our texts without a stint and in private messages we will write even more detailed. That is our job for which we get btc from different teams that’s why it would be better to pay and go on living without any problems. All the negative feedbacks posted in the past will become positive ones or will be deleted (as you will wish), all the negative questions in the topics addressed to you will stop being asked as this is our team who usually do that. We have been working to identify Scam Iko for a long time, to be true we used to be late, but we cut off DeCloud in the middle, identified who they are, now we began to work before the start of ICO ! as it turned out Teams will not be called and who paid but it works good for us. Everyone understands when someone is digging about you, it’s better to pay… or not to Pay, but on the Collections it will affect tremendously in both Cases. -We know exactly who you are, now I’ll give you a link to the topic in Ru local https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1906238.msg18914661#msg18914661

Later in the subsection Announcements (Altcoins) there will be translated topic about you in English, and in all the other topics where the translators translated we will add links and an inscription using Red Color…

and a link for the English theme-I think everybody knows English, and if you will set the messages with the inscription Scam — turning to other Pages we will follow you with the same links, with the same references showing people, ie all of your work on Web Site creation, LK Bounty unique, advertisements, time, texts…all your work will end in nothing if we do not receive payment of 5 Btc to this address 1Kq5n4XjY9KzNrhMLbN154oaFA49Y8LK5a, and not in your currency, namely in Btc — After payment when we can see transaction, you can not give a feedback about payment, this is done in order that we would not have any information that could affect your reputation, after payment we will simply leave your topics and also will not create topics in Ru local and english local. You should pay not after of before ICO but in 24 hours, otherwise, we will start Big Text publication. It will be better for you to pay 5btc than during the ICO or ICO will not simply start at all. Two teams have already paid not to have problems. We are a team and we know what to do so time is ticking from the moment you received this letter.

And 5btc is only for the slavic nations=), europeans paid much more to slavic we are more suppressed. But you will have to pay in any case and good luck during ICO!”

Second message

“To keep silent, or to hope that they will not post it — do you think it’s hard for us to publish the prepared text? — you hope for it in vain ..or do you expect that someone will invest on ICO and it will take place? — also in vain, when there is a topic that [ANN] [ICO] Minexcoin-Attention Scam — with the proofs, then ICO will not simply take place so you will not be able to snatch not even a large sum but even coins, if people will know in advance you are a scam and fooled people they will not invest anything. Time is ticking, guys, tick tick..till 22:00 on Moscow time. SO it is your choice to pay once only and we will dissapear from your topic. We value our reputation and really disappear — an example in April https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1877173.msg18659285#msg18659285

when the other team successfully paid, who doesn’t pay — get the publications and ICO is not taking place as a result.”

By analyzing the sender’s account, it can be concluded that on his part such attempts have already been made, and in some cases even had a success. This can be judged by^ two topics in which all their posts were deleted and also by the deleted topic report. And also by the created branch on the topic of secure Bitcoins exchange received for a forfeit as a ransom.

The reaction of the Minexcoin team was lightning fast. They offered a reward of 20 bitcoins, which is four times higher the amount requested by the attackers, for information about the criminals, in order to give them in charge of the police.

If you are a specialist in the field of cyber security, support the principles of strict anti-crime policy or you can provide any information about this criminal group, please contact Minexcoin team:

by email: contact@minexcoin.com

This reaction seems justified on the basis that it is necessary to end up the spread of cybercrime.

It can also be assumed that the reaction of the MinexSystems security service will not be limited to cooperation with the Russian police.

Minexcoin calls on all participants in the Cryptocommunity to do the same and never pay criminals. Otherwise, the growth of crime in the field of blockchain will continue to grow.