No future without women, no women without feminism

This article is an aswer to the thread that Mark Brahmin wrote to me about women in the DR (“dissident right”). Even though I am not part of the DR, the fact that I am a racist feminist theoretician and activist places me in the DR by default. Plus, the DR is the wildest place of political expression, the craziest ideological laboratory of our times, and there are a lot of race conscious people in this Far West of politics. I cannot deny I have a lot of fun interacting with some DR people and take pleasure to be ruthless with them. So here is my response to Mark Brahmin’s thread about feminism and women in the DR. What I am going to say may seem harsh but I prefer to be honnest. Friendship based on a misunderstanding is not friendship.

I have already created my movements (occidentalism, occidentalist feminism and ancestralist religion), so I don’t actually care if you change your views on feminism. I am just giving an opportunity to some of you to learn a few important things. I am also working on a Charter of women’s rights listing what political organizations must do if they want to stop being a hell for women and a safe space for woman-hater men. Leave it or take it. I talk only for the people who want to escape the toxic misogynist spiral.

I take the time to write a very long text, because I want to avoid misconceptions about my work in the anglophone world. The english translation of the Manifeste de l’Occidentalisme is going to take several months. The publication of my three books on occidentalist feminism will start in 6 to 8 months and then the English translation is going to take time. Same thing with the work of Yann Meridex and I about ancestralist religion. We will also release an english version of the site of the Parti Occidentaliste. I will do podcasts and videos again next month, but it will take years before I have time to make videos in English. Meanwhile, I get a lot of questions, interest, but also hate, from anglophone DR people. This text is an opportunity to answer to most of these people. Support or hate my work if you will, but please, support or hate it for what it is, not for what you project on me.

Here is a summary of what I have to say :

  • All DR groups and influencers have a huge problem with women. In the DR, even the least misogynist, even the most anti incel, have a huge problem with women and an irrational fear for feminism.
  • Misogyny is always serving the antiwhite agenda even when you think your own “based” or “prowomen” misogyny is not like the crazy obvious antiwhite misogyny of sharia-admirers. Misogyny is a bridge that connects white people to the third world. Misogyny is the basis of interracial bromance. Misogyny is the belief that the white race is inherently degenerate. If you think that giving liberty to 51% of white people (women) leads to degeneracy, then you do not have faith in your people and you secretly despise your race. All the paranoid propaganda about “feminization” serves only one purpose : demoralizing white men by making them believe that their sisters conspire against them and by making them forget that replacement was organized by bourgeois men.
  • No political movement can be safe for women without commitment to some form of feminism.
  • Avoiding the topic of feminism is useless. Misogynists will always push you to take position. Women will never be safe in an environment where their harassers, assaulters and rapists are tolerated. Feminist will never trust a movement who tells us “Yeah, these white-sharia misogynists are bad, here we are different and we protect women : we will not destroy your rights… or at least... not yet, not before we win”. You want women ? Give them rights, respect and, above all, guarantees. If you give no guarantee about women’s rights, then your are against women’s right.
  • Every political movement has to decide clearly what is acceptable in their group and what is not acceptable. Call it “political correctness” if you will, I call this minimal respect towards white women. We do not fight islamists by debating with them and their supporters. We fight them through exclusion, mockery and violence. Same with misogynists.
  • The trouble makers are not the feminists. The trouble makers are the DR men who say that we, women, the majority (51%) of the white race, are subhumans, that we should be treated as cattle, and who applause when an incel or a muslim cut the throat of one of us. Achieving such a level of cringe is pure sabotage. The fact that these men are much less controversial in the DR than feminists is the proof that this political sphere should alarm you. Mark, you said you “feared” that my feminism may introduce some “political correctness” within the DR. Are you sure this fear is valid considering all the horrors DR men say about women everyday ? You should rather fear the fact that DR looks like Pakistan on steroids.
  • No one can make his group safer for women fearing conflicts with other men. Forbidding your members to call us sluts and to be for terrorism against women is good but it is barely the minimum and it will never make a radical change for women’s safety. Preservation of the bromance always implies treating women as inferior creatures and tolerating intolerable things.
  • There are things that you are unable to achieve and that women in general and feminists in particular are able to achieve. Things that you don’t even know are important.

There is a luxuriant variety of movements, influences and ideologies within the DR. Some are racist, others are antiracist. Some are anticapitalist, others are capitalist. Some are anti-science and technology, other are fanatics of science and technology. Some hate Israel, others think white people should use Israel as model of ethnostate. Some think that christianity should rule our society, others think christianity is antiwhite. Some love islam, other hate it. Some sympathize with incels/MGTOW, others reject them. Some say environmentalism is a leftist plot, other say ecology is great.

But you all agree on one thing : the fear of women. You all see women as a threat and feminism as a “jewish conspiracy against white men”. Within the DR, there is always room for a muslim man, for an admirer of islam, for a leftist, for a marxist, for an antiracist, for a man who call white men and women degenerates all day long. But there is never a room for a feminist, no matter how many proofs of loyalty she gives, no matter how fiercely she fights for her race. In the DR, there is even a room for Roosh, iranian masculinist influencer who bragged about raping white women. There is also room in the DR for incel/MGTOW/groyper men who think beheading white women to punish them from their liberation is a great thing to do. Bronze Age Pervert is one of these beheading-enthusiasts. He supported the incel who cut the throat of Bianca Devins. Of course, some DR men do not support the project of cutting white women’s throats and say that white sharia is not a great idea, but here is the problem : when you macerate with pro-beheadings-of-women, or debate with them, you lose awareness on what is acceptable and what is not, and you start to percieve as healthy, or even as “feminist”, people who say that women should not be beheaded but just forbidden to work and to have access to birth control.

There are often conflicts between all those men, pro and anti beheadings, pro and anti islam, pro and anti communism, but each one of these factions always find strong support somewhere in the DR, and massive tolerance even from their DR detractors.

On the opposite, prowhite feminists are hated by 90% of the DR, are barely tolerated by the other 9%, and are half supported by the last 1%, who nevertheless always feel the need to tell that they are not profeminist, that they are not “simps”, and that their misogynist bros will always be their bros.

I am openly racist, anti remplacement, liberal eugenist, islamophobe, I am prosecuted in France for my antimigrant declarations, I was kicked out of the electoral list of Renaud Camus, inventor of the expression “Great Replacement”, because his catholic associé Karim Ouchick found I was too much of a white supremacist, and yet, I found much more support amongst normie people, feminists, liberals, progressists, than amongst the DR. Most of my “DR” supporters are people who have been deeply disappointed by the DR and found in the Occidentalism that Yann Meridex and I have created, a valuable alternative, a place where everyone is prowhite and no one is allowed to say that your daughter is a whore, that your sister is a degenerate who deserves punishment, that white women should be deprived of their civic rights. Call our rules “political correctness” if you want, I call them honor.

Most DR influencers hate me, others ignore me even though I have proofs that they know me well, and a tiny minority of them are nice to me but are terrorized by the idea that some other DR men could think that they endorse my views, and they give endless justifications every time a random account with 6 followers accuses them of being feminists. This situation is not a problem for me, since my audience is out of the DR. People are joining the occidentalist party. I get a large audience every time I release a video or podcast or article, despite facing a massive boycott from every so called right wing influencers. This year, I managed to organize a successful campaign to support Mila, a young french lesbian who received 30 000 death and rape threats from muslims because she had insulted Prophet Muhammad in response to harassment from a group of muslim men who wanted to punish her for having said that she did not want to have sex with an arab man. She could not even set foot at school because her schoolmates (70% muslims) were litteraly planning to beat her to death and to throw her acid. I published an article on her, I organized a petition, created a hashtag of support, had my friends talk to journalists, and in the end we obtained police protection, media coverage, panic of the government, a new school, a lawyer to help her catch her harassers, and the withdrawal of the “hate crime” charges against her. She is still in danger and was recently physically attacked, but at least we managed to provide her help, support, and the end of the omerta about her case. She is very strong and never apologized for her words, despite the huge mediatic and political pressure on her to make her bend a knee. This is the sort of things that a feminist can achieve and that a DR misogynist cannot achieve, because we, feminists, are more intuitive, more creative, more positive, more connected to normal people, more deeply loving liberty than you, and more sincerely ennemies of abrahamic religions and of all the third world regressive ideologies.

I am doing well without the DR. This situation is not a problem for me, it is a problem for you. As long as you will be incomfortable in front of people like me, you will remain a vast mental asyleum, full of cringe and ressent, incapable of genuine creation, open to every third world ideology in seek of white european organisms to parasite, unable to attract the hundreds of thousands of Europeans searching a mental shelter to escape the multicultural nightmare they experience in their lives.

I write this long text to you, people of the DR, knowing perfectly that most of you will not understand. I write to give a hand to the people amongst you who feel the need to change. I write to give to some of you an opportunity to understand why healthy people stay away from you and how a radical change on women could save you from shame, failure and cringe.

You are all able to understand that just because the deconstructionnist left hijacked environmentalism to weaponize it against white people, does not mean environmentalism cannot be right wing. But all of you are incapable to understand that feminism does not have to be what the antiwhite left says it is. None of you is able to accept that we right wing race conscious feminists exist out of the left, have already accomplished a lot, and are going to accomplish much more, for a wide audience.

None of you is able to understand that women need political organization to end obstetrical violence such as abusive episiotomies, abusive fundal pressure, C-sections without anesthesia, denied natural childbirth, denied physiological postures of childbirth. Google these terms, readers, you don’t know what they mean because you never cared. None of you is able to understand that we cannot fight against sexual violence if we women do not fight at a collective level to encourage women to speak up about their rapists and assaulters, to support them in front of the media, the police and the justice, to provide them help for their actions and to demand sanctions for sex offenders. None of you is able to understand that the only way for women to be protected from domestic violence and feminicides is political organization of women to obtain laws, shelters, financial help for women and children escaping from violence, and public shame for the torturers of women. Giving up our rights and abandon ourselves to a “benevolent patriarchy” that promises us protection would never provide us the slightest help in front of the list of machist violences I just listed. Most of these violence occur in the private sphere, from men we trust. Pregnancy and lower physical force will always create vulnerable situations for women and power for the men around these women, and with vulnerability, always come the opportunity of abuse and violence. Therefore, for their survival, women will always need a female counterpower to the masculine power in the political field.

Even though your group, Mark, is probably the most opposite to woman-haters within the DR, I am sorry to tell you that your movement still has a huge problem with women. At best you see us women as interesting baits for a larger audience and are able to appreciate the work of some female individuals. But despite being more civil and respectful towards women than every other DR group, you still tend to see women as a flock of uteruses, and you still see women as threats. When someone in your group wants to insult a weak and dishonest man, he does not call him weak and dishonest, he calls him “feminized”. “Feminization” is always a synonym of decline in the DR. Any form of female liberation causes panic attacks in the DR. You are still nostalgic of patriarchy, and you still want to suppress women’s right. Mark, you wrote : “The model of women being excluded from the political or the professional world is in, at least the foreseeable future, an untenable one”. This means : “We want to forbid political action of women, we want to destroy your rights, but for the moment we are not in position to do it”. Thank you but no.

This sentence of yours tells a lot about the problem that all DR people have : you dream of an authoritarian model of society where perfect social organization would abolish all need of political antagonisms, especially antagonisms between men and women. You want the end of History, some sort of permanent golden age. You want days without nights. You want sun without the moon.You want Apollo without Dionysos. You want the logos without the pathos.

You want women in your movement but any form of female force makes you panic. You want safety for women with no political organization of women. You dream of a perfect society where we give all political and economic power to men and no power to women, and men will magically never use this exclusive power and the forced vulnerability of women to commit violence on women. This vision of politics is typical of what autistic men produce when they fear the complexity of existence and when they fear women.

You say you want to protect women but women can never be safe without political organization. Patriarchy does not protect women from sexual violence and objectification. Patriarchy is men promising protection to women in exchange of their total submission and absence of rights. Your male protector decides to beat you to blood every day and tries to murder you ? You have no recourses. Your male protector decides to use all the money of the family to go to the tavern and buy gifts to strangers and he forbids you to work outside ? You don’t eat. Do not tell me I exaggerate, this is literally the story of women of my family when patriarchy was the norm. Of course it was not like this in every home, but when it was like this, the woman was trapped with no possibility of escaping and no help. It is not “George Soros” who told my grandmother to go work outside and push her daughters to study and work, but her guts : her instinct of survival and her memories of what it is like to be a woman fully dependent of male “protectors”. Women working, studying and taking part in politics is not a “jewish conspiracy” but a vital need for most women of our people.

No patriarchal golden age has ever existed for white women. Sexual violence has always been widely committed against women. It does not mean we have to despise our ancestors for that. Life was hard, men faced a lot of violence and had to work a lot. Sexual division of work was a necessity. Sexual violence occur every time there are vulnerable women and no effective counterpower to men’s power. But now, with only 2% of the population working in agriculture, we produce 100 000 times more food than we used to produce when 95% of the population had to work in the fields. War has changed a lot, too : you don’t have to be a strong man to send a drone to a target. Machines, robots and AI made radical changes and these changes are irreversible. There are no longer material justifications for patriarchy. You cannot destroy all this technology to go back to the golden age, because it would mean : disarm ourselves and let the rest of the world use this technology to colonize us.

So here are the uncomfortable truths you have to deal with :

  • There will never be again a material need for patriarchy
  • Women will never accept again to be cattle
  • There will always be conflicts between men and women, and a need for feminist political activism, because this is life and because physical vulnerability of women always leads to abuse
  • You cannot be pro-women and not pro-feminist. If you see the political organization of women as a threat, it means you regard women as a threat
  • Without feminism, the DR will always be the safe space of misogynists, the landfill that all mainstream political groups use to get rid of their trash and to make prowhite ideas appear ridiculous or dangerous, by association with all the creeps you all welcome or tolerate
  • No political group can stay neutral on feminism or else your group becomes a safe space for woman haters

I will never negotiate with misogynists. I endured a huge social ostracization and harassment when I, the random feminist normie, decided to publicly speak up against the arab men who insulted me, threatened me of beating and rape, touched me to intimidate me, on a daily basis in my replaced neighborhood. Despite this ostracization, all the professional exclusion, all the harassment, all the shaming, all the threats, I never stepped back and never let anyone influence me. No police summon has made me change my discourse. I kept talking openly about ethnic replacement, I kept being a coherent right wing feminist. I did not endure all that to let some DR dudes disrespect my work or question my rights as a woman. So there is no room for negotiation, I just say what I have to say. If people want to learn things about feminism and make sure their group is safe for women and is not a platform for antiwhite misogyny, great ! If not, well, this is not going to change anything for me.

I keep doing my job as a feminist, as an occidentalist, and as an ancestralist. I expect nothing from you. My vision of the role of women in Western societies is probably not compatible with your political and religious beliefs. I think that for the moment no DR influencer/leader would have the shoulders strong enough to apply the Charter on women’s rights I will publish. Only my man has, and that’s why he is the only man I trust politically and work with.