Democrats aren’t ‘Divided’ — They Just Want Sanders OUT
S. Novi

I’ve developed an extreme distaste for the far left thanks to their grandstanding. Just watched them reject affordable college & the most progressive Dem platform ever & throw the majority of everyday people under the bus because they bought the fake news Faux & Friends has been selling for decades. Really difficult to tell the difference not between Republicans and Democrats, but between far left & far right. Gotta have everything right now, all existing experts are corrupt absolutely, they know everything there is to know but haven’t managed to capture or govern a single precinct. They play at political philosophy like it is fantasy baseball, not even actual baseball. I don’t even enjoy talking to most of them anymore. They’re screaming Repeal & Replace without a replacement themselves & apparently have not noticed how effectively the Republican moneyhandlers have deployed the Southern Strategy against the Rustbelt, to absolutely disastrous effect.

Bernie is just such a hypocritical finger-wagging unlistentoable scold. He should have been Gong Showed right out of the running before the new shock troops of the left eagerly assisted the real bad guys into delivering the current shit show.

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