$MINERS 2022 First Update — Full Brand Reset and Decentralizing the Bitcoin Network

A retrospective glance at 2021

2021 was a wild year, particularly for Miners DeFi. We had an explosive launch, rocketing to a ~$5m market capitalization and purchasing over $110k USD worth of Bitcoin mining machines run in a cutting-edge hydropower-fueled facility in Siberia which provides the perfect environment for low-margin running costs and all natural cooling.

We’ve been reviewed favorably by influencers ranging from VoskCoin (541k subscribers) to CryptoLove (243k subscribers). We did daily AMAs with our founder and CEO, Junior, setting a new standard for transparency and community engagement.

We created a dashboard to track our live mining stats and also allow our community to track their BTCB rewards overtime. We also added the ability to swap BNB to $MINERS directly on our webpage without needing to be redirected to a third-party site.

We onboarded many new team members including Fred, our lead designer; Matt our head of Ads & Conversion; Miner Bull, our Head of Production and Witty Miner, our lead full-stack developer.

The reset

Then we stopped and asked ourselves, along with the community: what do we need to do to get to $1b? $5m is nice, but… it’s not nearly good enough. We have ambitions to reshape the economics and public perception of Bitcoin mining, not just run a cool mining business.

The answer, as the team and community quickly realized, was a reset. We needed to become a whole lot more serious. Many of the details of this we‘ve outlined in our massive December update.

Rather than chase the same strategy that got us to ~$5m and could probably get us to $20m, we decided to lay low and lay the groundwork for a new strategy that reaches beyond the borders of BSC to grasp at the very foundations of Bitcoin. A better and grander one.

To understand this reset, it’s important to think about the future of Bitcoin as a whole. Where is Bitcoin going, what kind of outlook does it have, and how does this affect the ecosystem surrounding it–most importantly, $MINERS?

Bitcoin is still in its teenage years and is being rapidly adopted by people, institutions, and even nation-states worldwide. But it still faces severe growing pains, from worries about its environmental impact to the centralization of mining pools.

It’s an exciting time in history! Bitcoin is nearing adulthood and we want to be on the right side of this narrative in the future’s history textbooks by building the strongest decentralized collective for sustainable BTC mining in the world.

Decentralizing Sustainable Bitcoin mining and Building an Ecosystem backed by Bitcoin

As you may be aware, most of the Bitcoin network has become dominated by a few key players and Bitcoin’s Nakamoto Coefficient (the number of miners that would have to collude to successfully attack the Bitcoin blockchain–higher is better) is only four: Antpool, F2Pool, ViaBTC, and Binance. To top it off a large portion of the network is run on unsustainable sources of energy which has garnered major negative media attention and soured the reputation of BTC.

Our token system is designed to shift this to help decentralize the network, and make sustainable mining accessible to everyone.

We want to get YOU involved in this monumental change because as a collective WE have the power to change the face of Bitcoin forever. It’s time we take charge and build a future everyone can be a part of.

We are building a completely new type of ecosystem that is directly backed by Bitcoin Mining. In doing so, we are enabling our entire community to join more than a collective but a movement simply by holding the MINERS token.

What you’ll be seeing very soon

Homepage of new website

We are about to release our newly redesigned website This follows a period of intense months-long focus on our branding and design language.


We’ve all heard the age-old mating call on BSC: “wen marketing???!!!”

Our answer is simple. We could do a quick marketing campaign next week and pump a bit, only to quickly fall. And another one the next week. And then, maybe, if we’re lucky, get to $20m after 5 of these.

But we’re experienced marketers who’ve managed successful campaigns before, and that’s now how a good marketing campaign is planned. Our priority is sustained growth that will establish us, the Miners collective, as one of the big players in the field. It’s the sum of months of careful planning, ranging from building relationships with influencers to designing and building a brand that reflects our mission and vision, and all of that is set to unfold in 2022.

Some of the things that are coming up include a marketing push utilizing our newly developed marketing automation tech, our V1 mobile app launch, an NFT marketplace and attached game, and also lots of educational content. We are planning to be an onboarding ramp to help lots of people safely navigate through the BSC space. For a sneak peak, visit or latest video on How Wallets Work on our new brand YT channel.

The Future & You

What can you do to help? We are all part of a collective of token holders, and when we spread the word about $MINERS, the resulting community growth benefits everyone. Take a few minutes a day to tweet about us or leave comments on your favorite influencer channels to let them know about Miners. (We have some daily tasks listed on our dashboard and a video on this topic by Miner Bull if you’re looking for more inspiration. )

In 2022, expect big things. Expect a newly energized $MINERS to begin the rough journey of transforming the world for the better. From purchasing new miners to diversifying our mining locations, to creative new marketing strategies and CEX listings, don’t bet against $MINERS in 2022.


The $MINERS Team



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