ClockTune: Automatic fans

Jun 3 · 2 min read

Before today we have offered an option to set the fans to a fixed speed through your overclocking ClockTune profiles and control the speed of fans through the triggers. While triggers allowed you to create a simple fan curve, they were/are only available for the paying users.

Right before summer, we are now presenting a new solution for your fan control: automatic fans.

First, it is important to note that option for setting automatic fans is available for both - free and paying users - as it is a part of ClockTune menu. You can still combine triggers and automatic fans, but we suggest to leave only one or two triggers for the worst-case scenarios if you will use automatic fans. For example, a trigger that will reboot or shut down the machine when the temperature is too high. Triggers will still always override the fans settings defined in ClockTune profile.

As same as before, each ClockTune profile can be adjusted regarding the algorithm’s needs. This comes handy when you are using a profit switch between coins from different algorithms that are heating GPUs differently or just switching between different config templates.

This feature is currently available only for msOS crypto mining OS.

How to set it up?

First, you need to navigate to your ClockTune profile to the area where you have before defined fixed fans speed.

After that, you can switch between Auto fans and Static fans tabs. Static fans tabs will allow you to enter one fixed number that will set fans to the set value. Under Auto fans, you can set minimum fans, maximum fans, and the target temp you want to maintain.

A system will then adjust the fans to maintain the temperature closest to the target temperature for each GPU separately.

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