Dashboard: Customize the layout

When we have started our new journey with the open beta a year ago there was a lot of features available already. But comparing them to the current version we could say that we have more than doubled all available features.

Different mining operations, different mining managers, and even different team members within the same organization have different needs and requirements. While one feature is practically essential for one person, it is meaningless for someone else. Because of that, we have decided to give you more control over your minerstat dashboard. We have released a new settings feature that allows you to:

  • Customize the menu by enabling/disabling different features;
  • Set a primary page that will be loaded on login.

You can find this new feature by opening Settings and navigating to the layout tab. This feature is available for all user - free and paying customers.

Custom menu

In the menu part of the settings, you can determine which pages you want to see in the menu. There are some presets available that will help you better decide which features could be essential for you:

  • Small operation: Includes the basic features you need if you are managing up to 5 workers, such as dashboard, workers list, address editor, ClockTune, workers configuration, profit switch, benchmark, alerts, and triggers.
  • Medium operation: Includes all basic features and the features you might find handy if you are managing up to 20 workers, including config templates, diagnostic, 24h logs, global statistics, per worker statistics, balance statistics, balance monitoring, mining calculator, market cap, coins, and custom clients.
  • Large operation: Includes all features except for a few tools which you can add when and if you need them.
  • ASIC only operation: Includes all features except those closely connected to the GPU rigs, such as ClockTune, benchmark, custom clients, AMD Memory Tweak, AMD strap editor, and scheduler.
  • All features: Includes all features.
Presets overview: Selecting a certain preset will still allow you to remove and/or add other links from and to the menu.

Even if you use the presets, you can always add or remove pages to and from the menu and make it entirely custom. Presets are there only to help you out and determine which features might be important for you regarding your mining operation and which features you might not need.

Also, note that this feature only changes the menu, so even if you remove some links, this doesn’t mean that the feature on this link will stop working for you. For example, if you hide global statistics from the menu, statistics will still be saved and available for you to check it out at any time.

Primary page

For the primary page you can select any of the following pages:

  • Dashboard
  • Customers dashboard
  • Customers workers
  • Workers
  • Control room
  • Diagnostic
  • 24h logs
  • Global statistics
  • Per group statistics
  • Per worker statistics
  • Balance statistics

The next time you log in to your minerstat dashboard, this will be the first page to load (instead of the dashboard which is selected as the default when you register).

Want to try it out? Register a new account on minerstat for free.