minerstat: 2018 Recap

While most would say that 2018 was a sad year for crypto, it was also a very productive one - well, at least for minerstat. A lot of things happened in 2018 and now, at the end of it, we are happy and excited about how far we have come. What’s even more exciting is that we aren’t out of ideas - we already have big plans for 2019.

Q1 2018 - New team, new plans

The first quarter of the year was mostly dedicated to development and planning. In February we have released a first beta version of mining OS and expanded our team. With the team expansion, we have also made a clear roadmap to what we want to achieve and what kind of software and service we want to offer to our customers. We have started working on a whole new system with a goal to offer the most complete solution as possible, focusing on professional miners and mining managers. This also meant a new design, new branding, new vision, and completely new code.

Q2 2018 - Development

In March, April, May, and June we were building, designing, coding, updating, correcting, and doing our best to prepare new minerstat for a closed beta that was planned to go live in July 2018. The goal for the first closed beta was to offer Windows mining software, mining OS, ASIC node, and mobile apps for iOS and Android that will work with the new dashboard and all initial functionalities.

And we made it - in the middle of June, we have opened invitations to our closed beta. On July 2nd, we have opened migrations from the old system to the new closed beta for all existing customers.

Q3 2018 - Closed & Open Beta

In the third quarter of the year, we knew that we will polish all the features and software while our customers tested the closed beta and gave feedback, but we also knew that the development of new features cannot be stopped.

On the 16th of July, we have started sending invites for the closed beta. We didn’t even imagine that so many people will subscribe to get the early access to the new minerstat and we are grateful that the registrations were coming for weeks and weeks later. At the end of July, the old platform was closed.

In August and September, we were fixing bugs, adding new functionalities to existing features, but also introduced some new features, such as Control Room, Scheduler, 24h logs, and new software Locator. We have silently gone from closed to open beta in August.

Q4 2018 - Official Relaunch

In October some of the last major features were released, such as languages, ASIC hub, and white label add-on. Our software and dashboard were stable and working without any major fixes for a few weeks, so we were ready to officially announce the relaunch. Not shortly after we have opened the ambassador program and partner pools program. Our next main goal was to start working on mining managers program and find a way to empower them. While we still have a lot of plans regarding this goal, we already introduced a listing site where you can look up for mining managers in your area and the services they offer.

In November there was a lot of focus on ASICs and improving the user experience for them. We have also introduced the config templates and make some important performance improvements for the profit switch function.

In December we started working on benchmarking feature and the first free stratum pool that will be available for a quick test of the mining clients and mining. Last two weeks of the year passed in the spirit of small UX improvements over the web dashboard.

Happy new year! 🎉

So this is our year in the short recap - there was a lot of developing, a lot of improving, and a lot of moments where we had to go beyond ourselves and use tools and software that was new for us. We were never afraid of it, but right the opposite - we have enjoyed the challenge. We are happy that you - our users and customers - find minerstat helpful and that we can always offer you just the thing you were looking for.

For 2019, we wish you all the best and a lot of green arrows on your minerstat dashboard.