minerstat introduces the ambassador program

When we were deciding how our most loyal customers will be rewarded, we knew for sure that we didn’t want to implement any kind of referral system. For most companies, it is very difficult to implement a referral system that will work with the accounting part of the business - especially if you are rewarding customers that aren’t businesses and cannot issue an invoice. But that didn’t stop us from finding a way to reward you - minerstat has an ambassador program which will be introduced in this post.

Who is a brand ambassador and what does he do?

minerstat brand ambassador is a volunteer that enters the minerstat ambassador program. This program is meant for customers and users that really like minerstat and have a wish to tell the world about it.

Ambassador is making sure that minerstat brand is presented properly and sincerely, educating people about minerstat, and contributes wherever he finds the means and ways.

minerstat offers different volunteer tasks for which an ambassador can receive points.

If you have ideas on which tasks we could add or if you think you can contribute to minerstat brand awareness in any other way that isn’t listed on the website, you can contact our brand manager and share your thoughts and ideas.

How can I become an ambassador?

You can become an ambassador by sending your application through this website (you have to be registered at minerstat). You will answer a few questions and if you are accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you are accepted the lists of tasks will open for you along with the number of points you have.


Each task will bring you a predefined amount of points, which can be exchanged for coupons at any time you like. You can generate as many coupons as you like, but please note that you can use only one coupon per order and that coupons can only be used by you. When a coupon is generated it cannot be reversed back to points. Coupons cannot be exchanged for money. Each coupon can be used only one time. But, you can always combine a coupon with the upgrade and duration discounts.

Why is ambassador program better for you than referral system?

There are two major reasons why.

The first is the fact that you can contribute to minerstat in different ways through different tasks and not in just one boring way (spamming the web). You decide when and in what way you can and want to contribute. There is a lot of different tasks available and we are flexible to reward any acts that were taken in the hope of contributing towards minerstat’s brand awareness.

The second is the fact that we believe every contribution counts - compared to a referral system that counts only when someone registers or makes a purchase. It is not about you getting us paying customers, but being a part of the community and being a part of the minerstat brand.

What else is there to know?

It is worth to mention that we are strictly against spamming - we want you to join the ambassador program if you sincerely want to promote the minerstat brand and let the world know about it. We won’t tolerate automated tools or inappropriate techniques.

Brand guidelines are presented on the branding page along with the logo and some graphic materials. If you need any special graphics materials that aren’t available on the branding page yet, write us and we will prepare anything you need.