minerstat introduces white label

minerstat’s main focus and goal are to empower the mining managers by providing solutions that will serve them in all operational needs.

With introducing the white label, crypto mining businesses (cloud mining providers, collocations, etc.) got an opportunity to put their brand in front of their already established customer base and continue to run minerstat in the backend without any interruptions. minerstat’s white label builder tool is designed in a way that requires zero technical or programming knowledge and eliminates the need of using the API.

This way the businesses can focus on things that they do best without having to do an extra level of development on an entirely new and different project.


As of today, there are three different ways to show the customers’ data on minerstat.

Public profile

First is the most simple option that is available for all of minerstat’s paying clients -public profile. With the public profile, you can show your customers what is going on with their rigs. Optionally, you can set a percentage of earnings deduction to remove your manager’s fee from the earning. However, this option will only deduct the earnings and rewards while the hashrate will stay the same. The design of public profile is made as a part of minerstat website.

The public profile is included in a tier plan (with 5 or more workers).

Branding license

Branding license includes the access to minerstat’s web builder which will be presented in continuation. It also includes the help of minerstat’s graphic designer who can create the profile in your colors or only advises you in which direction to go. The main purpose of this license is to show customer’s profile in your own colors, with your own logo and make them feel like they are using your services. There is still copyright stating “Powered by minerstat” at the bottom of the page and the profile is available on minerstat.com domain.

Branding license comes at the price 1,000 EUR for a period of one year.

Enterprise license

Enterprise license includes everything from the branding license, with even more customization available.

  • You can show customer’s profile on your own domain (the only thing that you need to set up at your side is the CNAME and then all URLs can be set through minerstat dashboard).
  • You can create a custom menu with up to 5 links that lead to your website (or anywhere else you like).
  • You can add your own Google Analytics code and monitor the traffic on the customer’s profile.
  • The copyright label “Powered by minerstat” is removed from the bottom of the page.

Enterprise license allows you to show the customer’s profile as your own, without any trace of the data coming from minerstat. The URLs can be set through the white label page, where you can also change the electricity consumption and manager’s fee for each client separately.

Enterprise license comes at the price 10,000 EUR for a period of one year.


Builder is a tool that was developed by the minerstat team for the purpose of editing and designing of your customers’ profiles. It allows you to set and customize any aspect of the page.

  • Title: You can set custom title of the page.
  • Layout: You can choose between three different layouts. Let summary be on the left side, on the top, or on the right side.
  • Logo: Upload your own logo. Make sure that it doesn’t exceed 300px in width.
  • Font: Currently you can choose between 5 fonts (Fira Sans, Open Sans, Roboto, Roboto Slab, and Ubuntu). If you need any other font (that is freely available at Google Fonts), let minerstat’s brand manager know and support for it will be added.
  • Colors: You can set the custom colors for almost any element on the site. The colors can be changed for background, for the main text, graph, titles, subtitles, table backgrounds, and table fonts.
  • Border: You can control the border radius of the elements.
  • Content: Any data that is shown on the page can be hidden from the customer’s profile. Show customers only what they need to see and don’t overwhelm them with too much data.
  • Menu: Add up to five links with custom titles.
  • Google Analytics: Save your own tracking ID and monitor the traffic on your customers’ profiles through your own statistics.

The best thing about web builder is the fact that you can establish a custom profile without a single line of code. So you don’t need to spend time and money developing the integration of minerstat data to your current establishment.

API support

If you already have a development team and want to integrate data from minerstat to your own dashboard or website, you can use API. Currently, there are 6 different endpoints that allow you to extract different data from minerstat. API is free to use but with limitations.

  • Workers API: List of all workers with current mining information.
  • Worker’s details API: Current mining information for one worker.
  • Hashrate and temperature API: Historical data about hashrate and temperature of your worker.
  • Global statistics API: Historical data about your global profitability, profitability per group, and profitability per coin.
  • Per worker statistics API: Historical data about worker’s profitability, temperature, and efficiency.
  • Balance statistics API: Historical data about the balances on all of your pools and wallets.


In the future, minerstat will focus on the API that will allow adding, deleting, and updating the parts of the mining establishment. This will add new options to the Builder where you will be able to control what user can change and control and to the API itself, which will allow you to have even more remote control.

You can learn more about minerstat white label solution here and check the order page here.